The Star City Sentinel, formerly the Starling City Sentinel, is one of Star City's newspapers.


Starling City Sentinel

Oliver reads an article on Holder Group.

In October 2012, Oliver Queen read an online article about James Holder's company, Holder Group's, acquittal from charges on the newspaper's website. Later at CNRI, Laurel Lance read an online article from the newspaper reporting Oliver's intent to open a nightclub in the Glades.[1]

Starling City Sentinel reported a tuberculosis outbreak in Lamb Valley.[2]

John Diggle showed Oliver an article of the Starling City Sentinel reporting the Royal Flush Gang robbing Starling Trust Bank and shooting Officer Stan Washington.[3]

The newspaper reported career criminal Cyrus Vanch's release from Iron Heights.[4]

Felicity Smoak read a Starling City Sentinel article on Walter Steele's disappearance.[5]

Whilst deducing The Savior's identity, Felicity pulled up a Starling City Sentinel article reporting Emma Falk's murder during a robbery.[6]

In May 2013, Roy Harper read an article reporting a sighting of the Hood in Blüdhaven.[7]

In October 2013, the newspaper published an article of the Arrow defeating his copycats.[8]

Sometime prior to late 2017, the newspaper's name was changed to Star City Sentinel to reflect the change in Star City's name.

Around Christmas 2017, the Star City Sentinel published an article reporting Detective Billy Malone's death.[2]

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