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For the eponymous character, see Stanley Dover.
"Split up!? Have you guys never seen a horror movie before!?"
Curtis Holt

"Star City Slayer" is the thirteenth episode of the seventh season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-fifty-first episode overall. It aired on February 11, 2019.



Threatening notes are getting sent to Dinah, even receiving one at work. Diggle gets the same one at A.R.G.U.S. alongside Rene, who has another note left on the entryway to his loft — Team Arrow are getting dangerous notes from an unknown person.

Team Arrow starts investigating the notes when they discover that one of Ricardo Diaz's previous associates has been executed and a similar note was abandoned. Curtis examines it, discovering that the assailant uses an uncommon medication used to immobilize casualties, and tracks down the main shipment of the medication in Star City to a once-over house in the Glades.

After the group researches the house, they see proof that the aggressor utilized as a detainee at Slabside. In the storm cellar, Dinah reveals the typewriter the assailant has been utilizing for the notes, notwithstanding mementos from the killings. As she's glancing near, she's assaulted from behind and her throat is cut — it is discovered that the assailant is Oliver's previous jail cellmate, Stanley Dover. Curtis quickly arrives and tends to her injury, saving her life.

Stanley goes to the Queen home and tops the whole apartment suite off with the settling drug, freezing Oliver, Felicity, and William in their tracks as they have supper. There, Stanley shows up totally unhinged and enlightens the trio, revealing that he's the one executing everybody around town. At the point when Stanley's diverted, Oliver moves just enough to get a glass jug, breaking it over Stanley's head.

Diggle extends to Curtis an employment opportunity to lead A.R.G.U.S.' science division, but Curtis turns down the offer and takes another in Washington D.C.

William uncovers he was ousted in light of the fact that he punched a kindred understudy and continues to battle with his father and Felicity. Soon thereafter, Oliver takes a stab at addressing him, yet they're hindered when William's maternal grandparents show up and illuminate Oliver that William needs to live with them. After Stanley's assault, Oliver takes a stab at accommodating with William yet, despite everything, needs to go live with his grandparents in Central City.

In the flashforwards, William, Roy, Dinah, and Zoe are attempting to find Blackstar with the goal that they can reveal where Felicity put away her reserve of bombs. The gathering goes to look at the previous Team Arrow shelter and they're expertly taken out by sedatives shot by Blackstar and Connor Hawke. After they wake up, Blackstar reveals to the group that Felicity isn't dead all things considered — she undermines the group hurt on the off chance that they don't give her the codes required for Felicity's arrangement. The group manages to go in the fight with Blackstar and Connor Hawke, but when the fight is stopped, Blackstar claims to be Mia Smoak, the daughter of Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak, and William's half-sister.


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  • The episode's title is a reference to Stanley Dover's nickname.
  • This is the last episode of Arrow to feature Echo Kellum (Curtis Holt) as a series regular.
  • Oliver makes Felicity and William his "famous chili", a reference to his chili in the comics. William's commenting on it being too spicy is likely a reference to the fact that the Green Arrow is the only one who usually enjoys it, due to its spiciness.
  • Curtis leans on the fourth wall in this episode; he says "Yeah. Look at us; working together again, being targeted by a homicidal maniac. Feels like a Monday". This is a nod to the fact that in season 7, episodes of Arrow air on Monday nights.
  • The ending with Felicity finding out she's pregnant mirrors showrunner Beth Schwartz who revealed in an interview that she found out about her pregnancy around the same time she was writing the scene, although the crew knew Felicity was going to be pregnant before Beth.[1]


  • The typewritten notes use a font far larger than that found on a standard typewriter, most likely for ease of reading by the audience of the show rather than by the in-universe recipients of the notes.