The Starchives is a storage unit used by S.T.A.R. Labs to house anything Flash-related.


After Barry Allen became the Flash, Team Flash began using the Starchives as a storage for everything Flash-related. After the erasure of Eobard Thawne from time, they stored the Time Sphere there. They also stored the B.O.O.T. and Speed Force bazooka.[1]

In early 2019, after detecting a supposed theft from the storage, Ralph Dibny and Iris West-Allen investigated the place, but found the Time Sphere to still be there.[1]

After Nora traveled back to 2019 after her father told her not to, she stole Spencer Young's phone after a confrontation with him.[2]

Potential future

At some point following 2019, Grace Gibbons stole the Time Sphere and used it to return to early 2019.[1]

Known stored items

Future known stored items


The Flash

Season 5


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