"How was Blue Valley?"
"Oh. Self-reflection and a battle with a starfish from outer space gives you perspective."
Barry Allen and Wally West[src]

An unnamed creature described as a starfish-like being from beyond Earth was defeated by Wally West/Kid Flash when it tried to invade Blue Valley.


In fall 2017, the alien starfish tried to invade the city of Blue Valley on Earth. However, Wally West aka Kid Flash battled it, emerging alive from their confrontation.[1] The starfish reappeared in Blue Valley around February 1, 2018.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Starfish physiology: The alien invader had the physical appearance of a starfish.[1]
    • Space travel: The alien invader had the power to travel through outer space.[1]


The Flash

Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • This character is an allusion to Starro, who in the DC comics is a space invader that has the appearance of a giant starfish and the powers of mind control. It is a recurrent enemy of the Justice League, most well known as the first enemy faced by a united League.


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