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Starhaven was a planet in Earth-38, formerly considered to be "the most idyllic planet in the universe".[1]


Starhaven was home to many different groups of Starhavenites, including Valerians.[2]

The planet is implied to have had liberal culture regarding romantic relationships, as polygamy seems to be practiced; Alphonse Luzano was confirmed to have had more than one wife.

Starhaven was once very beautiful, with air that smelled like cinnamon.[3] However, the planet was later destabilized by an ecological plague, hurting its environment and denizens.[1]


Kara Zor-El was taken to Starhaven by her father, Zor-El, when she was young and fondly remembered the cinnamon-scented air.

At some point, a severe storm ravaged Starhaven. Afterwards, Alphonse Luzano's wife fell ill. Desperate to get the money for her treatment, Luzano turned to drug smuggling, but was caught during his first run and sentenced to 18 years in Fort Rozz.[3]

Lyra Strayd and her family originated from Starhaven. At some point in Lyra's youth, a blight wiped through the planet, turning its cinnamon-scented air into that of "death". This catastrophe triggered a decade-long war, killing many inhabitants. Lyra's parents were among the victims, having starved to death. She and her brother, Bastian, then fled Starhaven and made their way to Earth.[1][2]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, the planet was destroyed by a wave of antimatter, along with the rest of Earth-38.[4]

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