Starhavenites are a species that hail from Starhaven.


Starhavenites were known to be one of the most peaceful races in the universe, hailing from an idyllic planet where the air smelled like cinnamon.[1] For years Starhaven was one of the main tourist destinations of the universe, however after an ecological plague began to intoxicate its atmosphere, Starhavenites were forced to emigrate.[2]


A Starhavenite sentenced to 18 years into Fort Rozz for drug trafficking, a crime he turned to in order to get the money to save the life of his sick wife, and marked as "Prisoner #2445" after escaping, was masquerading as the human college professor of astronomy Alphonse Luzano.[1]

Lyra Strayd is a Starhavenite who had to leave the planet after the blight and made her way to Earth.[2]

Culture and technology

Starhavenites' most famous literary work is The Book of the Ten-Pointed Star, which apparently is a collection of stories and an anthology of philosophical reflections.[2] Starhaven was an utopia and there were almost no criminality.[1]

Physical appearance

Though many Starhavenites are indistinguishable from humans, others, known as the Valerians, present peculiar facial features such as flake-like marks on their forehead and cheekbones, lack of eyebrows and sunken eyes.

Powers and abilities


  • Starhavenite physiology: Starhavenites' physiology grant superhuman powers to most, but apparently not all, of them, as Alphonse Luzano didn't display any powers while Lyra Strayd did. It's unknown if that has something in common with the latter being a Valerian.
    • Super strength: Starhavenites are far stronger than a normal human. Though the exact extent of their strength is unknown, it was shown that a Starhevenite's grip can hurt the bones of a human's hand or even break a bottle of glass if shaken too much.[2][3] Lyra also claimed she could tear off the jaw from a human head.[3]
    • Super stamina: Starhavenites are more resilient than humans, but not as durable as Kryptonians.[3]
    • Super smell: Starhavenites have a very powerful sense of smell, as they can recognize humans by their natural smell.[3]
    • Camera invisibility: Valerians do not show up on pictures or security camera footage.[4]


  • Multilingual: Starhavenites are capable of learning to speak other languages very quickly.

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