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====Season 2====
====Season 2====
*{{Ep|Enter Zoom|m}}
*{{Ep|Enter Zoom|m}}
*{{Ep|Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three|(vision)}}

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Starling City was a city located in the United States, prior to Earth-2's destruction via antimatter.





In March 2015, the Starling City vigilante known as "the Arrow" was revealed to be Robert Queen.[3]

Earth-2 destroyed by antimatter

Earth-2's Starling City consumed by Antimatter.

At some point in 2019, Starling City, along with the rest of Earth-2, was destroyed by a wave of antimatter, leaving Laurel Lance as the city's only known survivor and one of three survivors of Earth-2.[2]

Known residents

Former residents


The Flash

Season 2


Season 5

Season 7

Season 8

Behind the scenes

  • Although on Earth-1, the city was renamed in 2015 to "Star City" like in the comics, this apparently never happened Earth-2, making it the only known version of the city in the multiverse not to be called Star City.


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