Starling General Hospital is the major medical treatment center in Star City.


In late 2012 when Oliver Queen returned to Star City after being rescued off a deserted island, he was brought to Starling General Hospital for a medical checkup by Dr. Neil Lamb. Neil discovered that over the past five years, Oliver had suffered second-degree burns and at least 12 improperly-healed fractures while 20% of his body was covered in scar tissue. Afterwards, Oliver reunited with his mother, Moira Queen, who brought him home from the hospital.[1]

After being shot during a bank robbery, Officer Stan Washington was treated at Starling General, with Oliver footing the bill.[2]

Around Christmas, Oliver was injured in a fight with the Dark Archer so John Diggle brought him to Starling General, claiming Oliver was in a motorcycle accident. Oliver was treated for a concussion, pneumothorax, and three broken ribs. Moira, Walter Steele, and Thea Queen later came to see Oliver while he recovered, with Thea bringing candy canes for them to eat.[3]

Close to her 18th birthday, Thea was taken to Starling General after crashing her car. There, it was discovered she was high on Vertigo while driving. The next day after being discharged, Thea was arrested for driving under the influence of narcotics.[4]

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