Starling Trust Bank is a bank located in Star City.


Moira's check

Moira's check to Samantha Clayton.

In 2007, Moira Queen wrote out two $1 million checks from Starling Trust Bank to Samantha Clayton in exchange for keeping the former's illegitimate grandchild a secret from the Queen family.[1] Samantha agreed, but never cashed the check.[2]

In late 2012, Starling Trust Bank was robbed by Royal Flush Gang. During the crisis, Officer Stan Washington was shot when trying to intervene. While the robbers tried to escape and exchanged fire with the police, the Hood intervened, retrieving some of the stolen money with a trick arrow.[3]


Known clients



Season 1

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  • A similarly named bank, Star City Trust Bank was introduced in Season 5. It is currently unknown whether Star City Trust is just a rebranding of Starling Trust or an entirely new financial establishment.


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