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"Oliver. Is it okay if I call you 'Oliver'? Surprised to hear from me, right? Not as surprised as I was. You see, I find this not unattractive blonde, getting all up in my business. And what does she have on her? A Queen Consolidated I.D. badge. Now, I think to myself, why does that name ring a bell? Oliver Queen. He tried to buy off me last year, just before the Hood put me in a padded cell. Ipso facto, Arrow."
Count Vertigo makes a threatening phone call to Oliver Queen

"State v. Queen" is the seventh episode of the second season of Arrow, and the thirtieth episode overall. It aired on November 20, 2013.



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It is revealed that the Count escaped from prison during the earthquake in the Glades, while also giving Barton Mathis the keys to his cell, leading to his escape as well.

Six months later, Moira's trial begins and Oliver, noticing that Diggle is ill sends him home to rest. Moira's trial begins and Diggle returns to Queen Consolidated instead of going home.

Felicity suggests he has the flu and he reveals that's impossible because he got the flu shot and then he passes out. Felicity, Oliver and Diggle convene at the Foundry and Felicity reveals that Diggle has trace amounts of Vertigo in his system and they figure out that the Count escaped the same time as the Dollmaker. Oliver gives her the antidote dart and returns to court.

Adam Donner brings Thea onto the stand. As he questioned her, Adam suddenly collapses, leaving Laurel to finish the prosecution of Moira Queen.

Oliver returns to the Foundry to find that the antidote dart had no effect (the Count changed the formula) and just in time to see a citywide broadcast from the Count. The Count kidnapped the A.D.A. en route to the hospital, by hijacking the van, and reveals to the city that the cure to their sickness is to take Vertigo, implying (along with Diggle's blood analysis) that they are suffering from withdrawal.

With Thea upset about her testimony, Roy gives Thea boxing gloves and asks her to hit him. He tells her that she needed a way to let her anger loose.

Meanwhile, Laurel begs Moira not to take the stand as she has evidence that could damage the relationship amongst the Queens and she doesn't want to have to use it. Instead Moira tells Oliver and Thea the truth before court (even though Thea had previously asked the same question) and in court, Laurel uses an affair Moira had with Malcolm Merlyn to prove that Moira was never in any true danger from Merlyn (he didn't kill Walter because of her persuasion) and there was no reason for her to truly fear him which casts doubts on Moira's entire defense.

Felicity is able to locate the Count, and Oliver saves the Assistant District Attorney, but at the expense of allowing the Count to escape, after the Count reveals he knows The Arrow is no longer killing people.

Later, Felicity and Diggle work out that though the victims have nothing in common, their places of employment show a clear pattern throughout the city, that of the immunization van that is giving flu vaccines. With Diggle out of commission and Oliver focused on Moira's trial, Felicity investigates the van alone without telling Oliver because it could be nothing. She finds the van and Vertigo inside and is promptly captured by the Count.

While Oliver and Thea wait for a verdict in Moira's case, The Count calls Oliver revealing that he's figured out, by Felicity's work badge, and the proximity of Oliver's attempt to score Vertigo with The Count's previous encounter with the Hood, that Oliver Queen is, in fact, The Arrow. Oliver, much to Thea's dismay, leaves the courthouse to help Felicity. Confronting the Count at Queen Consolidated, the Count attempts to kill The Arrow (on someone else's orders as well as for revenge) and when that fails, threatens to kill Felicity with a Vertigo overdose. When Oliver reveals himself and lowers his bow and drops the arrow he had prepped to shoot, he tries to convince the Count to leave Felicity out of their battle. Instead, the Count moves to poison Felicity anyway. In order to protect Felicity from being injected with Vertigo, Oliver is forced to break his vow and kills the Count.

After returning to the courthouse, Thea and Oliver go back for the verdict. To Oliver and Thea's surprise, and their lawyer's warnings to the contrary, Moira is found "not guilty" by the jury. After the verdict, Oliver returns to the Foundry to quickly check on Diggle and Felicity, before picking up his mother after she's freed. He's glad they're both okay but also bemused as to how his mother wasn't convicted, but leaves the questions he has for another day as they are all either injured or exhausted from their encounter with the Count and he's grateful that his team is alright. After Diggle retires, Felicity tries to apologize for The Arrow having to kill the Count, Oliver comforts her by saying there wasn't a choice to make with her life in danger.

It is revealed that Blood was the one behind getting the Count involved. He has been drugging people including a man named Brother Cyrus.

Moira finds out later after she's freed, that Merlyn is still alive and rigged the trial. Merlyn also reveals that he knows the what she's tried to keep hidden from him: Thea is his biological daughter. Despite her protests, he's already confirmed it with a covert paternity test.

In a flashback to the island, Shado and Slade rescue Oliver and Sara when Dr. Ivo and his men come to the island to find a stone arrowhead left by the Japanese soldiers. After Slade and Shado have rescued Oliver, and Oliver included Sara in his return, Shado reveals that she has the arrowhead Ivo was looking for on the dead bodies. It has coordinates to where the submarine Ivo is looking for wound up. Sara reveals whatever is on the sub will save the human race and Oliver wonders if it will save an injured Slade. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the island, Ivo, due to the Captain's failure to prevent Oliver and Sara's escape, kills him and promotes his other companion to the position, revealing how cold blooded Ivo personally is, despite whatever he's told Sara about using whatever is on the sub to save the world.


  • This episode marks the name change for Cecil Adams from "The Count" to "Count Vertigo".
  • This is the first time that someone has figured out Oliver Queen is The Arrow with pure deduction and Oliver not being involved in any way.
  • Malcolm Merlyn makes his first appearance this season, and is revealed to be alive despite his apparent death in the first season finale, "Sacrifice".
  • Felicity Smoak, speaking of The Count's possible location, says, "He could be also in Markovia". In the comics, Markovia is Brion Markov's kingdom, to which Count Vertigo seeks to stake a claim.
  • Adam Donner says that Thea visited Moira for the first time on October 9. That aforementioned visit took place in the episode "City of Heroes", which aired on October 9.
  • After Moira's trial, a news anchor on Felicity's computer can be overheard saying that the S.T.A.R Labs' particle accelerator will be turned on on time. This is a foreshadowing of Barry Allen, who gets his powers from the accelerator and made his debut appearance in the next episode, "The Scientist".
  • Count Vertigo happened to use a S.T.A.R. Labs satellite to broadcast his message.


Preparation ran from September 9 until September 17, 2013. Shooting ran from September 18 until September 27, 2013.[1]