Stellmoor International is a company located in Starling CityIsabel Rochev worked for this company until her death.


According to Felicity Smoak, Stellmoor International has a reputation for "gutting" every business they acquire.

After the Undertaking, Stellmoor International's vice president of acquisitions, Isabel Rochev, began buying up Queen Consolidated's shares in an attempt to take over the company, which would result in the firing of all its employees. By October 2013, she was able to secure 45% stock and aimed to buy the remaining 10%. However, Oliver Queen was able to buy 5% of the stock with help from Walter Steele. As a result, Isabel and Oliver became co-CEOs.[1]

In April 2014, Isabel was able to manipulate Oliver into appointing her the temporary CEO and convinced the board of directors to make her position permanent, allowing Stellmoor to secure Queen Consolidated in a hostile takeover.[2]

After Isabel's death, her crimes in aiding and abetting Slade Wilson's attack on Starling City were revealed to the public,[3] a scandal which presumably ruined Stellmoor's reputation and caused the company to go bankrupt.

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Behind the scenes

  • In the New 52, Stellmoor International is a Seattle-based business company that was founded and created by Simon Lacroix. Similar to the show, the company bought out Queen Industries from Oliver Queen, which was one of the first steps Lacroix took in his war against the latter.


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