Steven Conners is a drug supplier.


After Green Light's introduction into Freeland, Conners' business nearly dried up. However, Lala called Connors to Club 100, where he asked to do business with him, with cocaine and cannabis, based on commission. Conners was initially skeptical he'd pay up, but Lala offered up his mother as collateral, and so Conners agreed.[1]

Conners was involved in a deal with Vladislav Zlovac's organization that involved a large sum of money. The deal was interrupted by Peter Gambi and Anissa Pierce in disguise. They disrupted the meet and stole the money that Conners had brought.[2]

Following the theft of the money, Conners went to see Tobias Whale who was being held by Freeland Police Department. As a gesture of respect, he wanted Tobias' permission to spill blood on the streets in retaliation by targeting the Rebecca Lee Crumpler Free Clinic. Tobias agreed as long as they set up facial and body recognition cameras outside the clinic in case they could identify Black Lightning. Conners arranged to bomb the clinic, but it was foiled by the arrival of Black Lightning and Thunder.[3]


Black Lightning

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