The Still Force is one of the new forces unleashed during the rebirth of the Speed Force. Its current host is Deon Owens.


The Still Force is the natural opposite of Speed Force, meaning that while the Speed Force is based around motion and moving forward, the Still Force is centered around stagnation, reversion and perpetuation.


Deon Owens

After Iris West-Allen touched the Artificial Speed Force machine, the residual Speed Force stored in her cells became amplified to the point that the natural Speed Force was reborn. However for an unknown reason, this energy separated in four parts and was disbursed from S.T.A.R. Labs into the atmosphere.[1]

One of the four parts was bestowed to Deon Owens, allowing him the power to manipulate time. After returning from a time loop where December 4, 1998 was repeated, Cisco Ramon named the power the Still Force, for the purpose of alliteration and to convey how it was the opposite of the Speed Force in function.[2]


  • Bioluminsence: By tapping into the power of the Still Force, it can cause their eyes to transform and glow a green shade.
  • Time travel: Still Force Users can use the Still Force to travel back in time; though differently. Unlike normal time travel, they instead send their consciousness back into an earlier version of themselves; it's unknown if this is a personal choice or limitation.
    • Selective displacement: Still Force Users can emit green blasts of Still Force energy to remove singular items and individuals from the time they're in. They can also send people back to their time and "rewind" their clothing; Deon sent Cisco and Chester back home, even restoring the clothes they arrived in 1998 wearing.
    • Time barrier: A literal barrier of time created by Still Force energy. It seals the area where Still Force Users are constantly using their powers; it cannot be broken unless the Still Force Users decides to release their powers.
    • Memory manipulation: A secondary effect of the Still Force's time manipulation powers. By rewinding time, Still Force Users can bury memory of what has already occurred; though a mention of something yet to happen can return the victim's memories. As shown with Cisco, if someone is transported into the past and gets zapped by the rewind, they lose memory of anything beyond the year they are in; Cisco temporarily regressed to his 7 year old persona until Chester mentioned Game of Thrones to wake up his memories.

Known users


The Flash

Season 7


  • The opposing natures of the Forces of Speed and Still seem to indicate that they're meant to keep one another in check, keeping the Universe from either moving too fast or grinding to a complete halt.
  • Cisco states that the Still Force works like Turtle 2.0's powers. However, the Still Force works in reverse, as Turtle 2.0 could accelerate or steal time from targets to age them to death.[2]

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, the Still Force is a cosmic force based around entropy and inertia. It was one of the seven hidden forces of the universe that were previously condemned by the Source Wall and the counter-energy to the Speed Force. In the show, this is seen by how usage of the Still Force pulls things out of the past, or reverts something to an historical version of itself, but never draws something in from the Future.
    • The Still Force's nature is also evident by it's choice of conduit in Deon Owens, who has spent his entire adult life obsessed with a single moment of his past.
    • In the comics, the known Still Force conduits are The Turtle and Steadfast.


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