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"Still I Rise" is the tenth episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-sixteenth episode overall. It aired on September 7, 2021.



Nyxly places Nia into disconnection for the afternoon, where her mom chides her for delivering Nyxly, yet assists her with comprehension and beat her dread. Nyxly is left frail and she is caught by Naxim Tork's previous accomplice Mitch, yet he delivers her when she clarifies this. In appreciation, she incubates an arrangement to intrigue Tork by catching Supergirl. Mitch first discovers an Edifarian designing master, Dr. Desmond Raab, who fabricates a cryo-bomb ready to freeze everything for a mile, and they start it going at the Ormfell Building. This would have been a lodging project where Orlando would have the option to bring Joey, however is presently going to be a tech intricate, over the resistance of Supergirl. J'onn balances out the structure and Supergirl clearly annihilates the bomb with her warmth vision, yet truth be told this re-energizes Nyxly's forces. After Supergirl and Brainy make a PSA about sustenance, Supergirl fruitlessly attempts to utilize her media stage to safeguard the structure, however at last prevails by allowing Orlando to recount his story to city committee. As the other Superfriends save the residents there, Nyxly freezes Supergirl and starts annihilating the structure. As she boasts that she is frail against sorcery, Supergirl gathers Mxyzptlk.



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  • The episode title references Maya Angelou's volume of poetry And Still I Rise and the titular poem in the collection, "Still I Rise".
    • The poems in And Still I Rise have a similar theme to the events of this episode, with Orlando Davis overcoming difficulty and discouragement to fight for change.
  • Supergirl and Alex's surprise to Naxim Tork and Mitch's survival after the destruction of the D.E.O. National City headquarters in "The Missing Link" strongly implies that many of its prisoners weren't evacuated in time and perished in the building's collapse.
  • Kara references the events of "Prom Again!" when she mentions how Mitch tried to kidnap her in high school.
    • She does not bring up Brainy or Nia's involvement, which might indicate that similar events unfolded, without their intervention, on Earth-38.
  • The location where Kara confronts Nyxly is the same filming location where the J.S.A. confronted the Legends in "Out of Time".