Stilton Pizza is a pizzeria located in National City.


In late 2016, James Olsen brought pizza from Stilton Pizza along with potstickers for his date with Kara Danvers.[1]

After Kara and Mon-El were rescued from Project Cadmus, Alex Danvers, Winn Schott, and James brought them potstickers and a box of Stilton Pizza as "comfort food".[2]

Alex and Maggie eating Stilton Pizza.

The week of Thanksgiving, Maggie Sawyer brought a Stilton Pizza to Alex at her apartment to discuss the former's growing feelings for the latter.[3]

In spring 2017, Kara ordered two ham and pineapple pizzas from Stilton Pizza for herself, Maggie, Mon-El, and Alex after the latter accidentally burnt the paella.[4]

Samantha orders a Stilton Pizza.

In November 2017, Samantha Arias ordered a Stilton Pizza for herself and her daughter, Ruby, as she sorted out some business affairs with her boss. However, Ruby had already snuck out of the house to go to Stilton Pizza, where she ordered pizza and a soda. Later, Psi began wreaking havoc outside the restaurant, forcing the patrons to flee.[5]

Kara and Alex had Stilton Pizza and wine as they discussed the former's experiences in her mindscape.[6]

M'yrnn J'onzz ordered a tomato pie Stilton Pizza for a dinner he and his son, J'onn J'onzz, planned to host. However, the delivery man was tackled by a D.E.O. strike team when he arrived at their headquarters, prompting M'yrnn to offer a generous tip.[7]

Lena Luthor brings a pile of Stilton Pizza to CatCo.

Lena Luthor brought "a mountain" of Stilton Pizza into James's office at CatCo Worldwide Media when she asked to finish her work there with him. As the two sat down to eat, James invited Eve Teschmacher to help him and Lena finish the pizzas. Eve agreed after bringing the pair some coffee.[8]

Alex and Kara ate an "insanely huge" Stilton Pizza during a post-victory celebration after defeating the Worldkillers.[9]



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