"We're facing a literal monster. You think you can destroy it with a lute?"
"Well, in the hands of a master, a lute is a formidable weapon. Just look at Sting, mate."
Hank Heywood and John Constantine[src]

Sting is a musician.


At some point, Sting used a lute proficiently in one of either his songs, albums, or performances.[1]

While talking about John Constantine, Sara Lance mentioned to Ava Sharpe that John bears a strong resemblance to Sting.[2]


  • Musician: Presumably, Sting is a musician well known enough to capture the attention of the elusive John Constantine.[1]
    • Lutenist: John Constantine described Sting as a master lutenist.[1]


  • Lute: As a lutenist, Sting uses a lute.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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Behind the scenes

  • Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner CBE, known as Sting, is an English musician, singer, songwriter, and actor.
    • In October 2006, he released an album entitled Songs from the Labyrinth featuring the music of John Dowland (an Elizabethan-era composer) and accompaniment from Bosnian lute player Edin Karamazov. Sting's interpretation of this English Renaissance composer and his cooperation with Edin Karamazov brought recognition in classical music.


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