"We can't play hide-and-seek with it in here. It's a bloody labyrinth."
—John Constantine after trying to use the stone on Karabasan[src]

An enchanted stone is used to help its user see the true nature of things, allowing to see invisible creatures and entities such as demons.


This enchanted stone was given to John Constantine by Felix Faust, so that the vagabond warlock would banish the malignant demon Karabasan on Faust's behalf in exchange for the soul of Geraldine Chandler. John Constantine and Zed Martin traveled to the labyrinthine ruined sewers to find Karabasan, who was preying on the victims of Faust's soul separating spell. John used the stone to see Karabasan gnawing on a fallen woman, but the bestial demon sensed that he was being hunted and ran away. Afterwards, John decided to trap Karabasan instead of chasing him, putting a sleep spell on Zed and using her as bait. As Karabasan approached the sleeping woman, John used the stone of true seeing again, dispelling the sleep spell at the last second and killing the demonic beast through energy dispersion.[1]

Powers and abilities


  • True seeing: The stone allows its user to see past the spells of invisibility.[1]



Behind the scenes

  • Stones or gems of true seeing are popular objects in myth and fantasy works. In particular, the stone used by Constantine resembles the adder stone of British myths.


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