"He, um... likes to talk about Stonehaven. About how the leaves look there... in autumn."
Andy Diggle[src]

Stonehaven was the former home of the Darhk family. It was officially owned by a dummy corporation and located off the grid in Star City, with even Damien Darhk's most trusted men unaware of the exact location.[1]


By fall 2015, Damien Darhk and his wife, Ruvé Adams, moved to Stonehaven with their daughter, Nora Darhk, in preparation for H.I.V.E.'s endgame.[2]

In December, Ruvé and Nora put up holiday decorations in the house and began decorating the Christmas tree when Damien arrived home.[3]

In January 2016, Lonnie Machin, seeking revenge on Damien, broke into Stonehaven, painting his anarchy symbols all over the property after taking Ruvé and Nora hostage. Team Arrow eventually arrived, with Green Arrow and Speedy battling Machin while Black Canary and Spartan escorted Ruvé and Nora to safety.

Following this incident, Damien, Ruvé, and Nora moved out of Stonehaven and stayed at the Fairmount Hotel for a month while looking for a new home.[1]

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