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"In the early days of Mars, there were two brothers: Phobos and Deimos. Their rivalry and bloodshed was the reason for the split of the Green and White Martians. To prevent this ever happening again, a curse was placed on the Green Martians. We called it Fa'ra'too'rik. It is the punishment for brother attacking brother."
"But you've never mentioned having a brother."
"I never knew of one.
J'onn J'onzz and Kara Danvers on Malefic J'onzz

"Stranger Beside Me" is the second episode of the fifth season of Supergirl, and the eighty-ninth episode overall. It aired on October 13, 2019.




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The scene opens with a lady consumed in her PDA to the point she is unaware of what's around her. At the point when a lady strolls into the road and approaching traffic Supergirl needs to stop a mishap and spare lives. On a screen on a structure, an advertisement plays for the Obsidian Tech contact focal points.

Kara whines to James about things. James discloses to her he has a proposal to work at the Smithsonian just as individuals who need him to run for Senate. The pair go to visit J'onn and discover him lying semi-cognizant on the floor. In the wake of being looked at by Alex, J'onn clarifies how he realizes his aggressor is genuinely his sibling, however he never thought about him. Brainy uncovers that later on they have a remedy for the kind of agony J'onn is feeling. Kara gets a call from Nia revealing to her she needs to get the chance to work immediately.

Somewhere else, J'onn's sibling reports back to a White Martian. In Lena's lab, she has plans to utilize something in the Obsidian tech contact focal points to change the world, explicitly utilizing the focal points to basically reconstruct individuals with the goal that they can do no mischief. It's likewise uncovered that the individual who grabbed Eve toward the finish of the debut was as a matter of fact Lena - Eve awakens in Lena's lab.

At the CatCo meeting, everybody is given an extraordinary Obsidian tech tablet. Andrea reassigns Kara to the style beat. She proposes a tale about James' bid rather and Andrea chooses she needs both, by lunch. Kelly begins to work with J'onn while in the lab, Eve asks Lena to release her. Eve attempts to inform Lena concerning Leviathan, however Lena isn't having it.

Kelly's endeavors to help J'onn just compound the situation and Kelly finds that there are issues with J'onn's recollections which could be brought about by head injury or his assimilation of his dad's recollections. Kelly goes into his cognizance to help. They find that J'onn is missing recollections since somebody cleaned his brain. At the DEO, they find his sibling. Kara gets the call at work and leaves, however William asks for help at the NSA to have her followed.

Kelly proposes they reconstruct his memory and J'onn gets support from James, so he chooses to do it. In the interim, Alex, Supergirl, and Brainy go searching for J'onn's sibling in a sewer. William follows and shows up similarly as Supergirl takes on a White Martian. She advises William to escape. J'onn finds that his sibling deceived their own kin and sent him to the Phantom Zone. The acknowledgment closes the torment for both J'onn and his sibling and his sibling figures out how to escape Supergirl.

At CatCo, Andrea is furious that Kara was missing. William wound up keeping in touch with her article and Andrea reassigns her to duplicate altering. Kara stands up to William and trench the work on him. Andrea gets into Lena's lab and uncovers that she has trackers in the focal points, blames her for attempting to take the tech, and removes the focal points. Eve keeps on attempting to get Lena's acceptable side, however Lena has just planned something for her.

J'onn's sibling gets into Alex's appartment and mimics Kelly. 'Kelly' tries to trick Alex into telling her how the team tends to defeat J'onn's sibling, however Alex sees through it and pages Supergirl for help. J'onn's sibling at that point mimics Alex and battles Supergirl. After the battle goes to the sky, the Martian winds up on the rooftop imitating Kelly directly close to Kelly however Alex makes sense of it and shoots the Martian. Supergirl spares the genuine Kelly.

Alex and Kelly smooth things over with their relationship. Brainy makes a decent attempt with Nia yet she thinks that its beguiling to a point. At her lab, Lena gives Eve access on her arrangements. She's been planning Eve's mind to introduce her AI, Hope, into her changing Eve into a living AI.




  • Brainy once again suggests Earth is in the middle of a sort of dark age when he says "Q-Waves don't get discovered until sometime in the late dark ages".
  • During the Supergirl panel at Homecon, Azie Tesfai revealed that she had a complete list of ideas on how to play Malefic's impersonation of Kelly. This included 'not blinking', moving roboticly and faking emotions. Her choices were eventually right as they 'creeped out' Chyler Leigh.


  • When Supergirl is fighting J'onn's brother disguised as Alex, they fight near a blue sedan that is a Pontiac G3 also known as the Chevrolet Aveo. The G3 was only sold in Canada, where the episode was filmed.