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"I, uh... I found him on our street right after I came to Earth, actually. He was a stray, too."
"You felt an emotional kinship."
"Yes. Yeah. We were friends.
Kara Danvers and Querl Dox on Streaky[src]

Streaky is a cat that was owned by Kara Danvers when she was young.


Streaky was a stray cat found by Kara Danvers on her adoptive family's street not long after she arrived on Earth. She named him "Streaky" after an undisclosed, yet notable encounter.[1] Kara would feed Streaky every night and practiced being gentle in order to pet him and learn not to inflict harm upon others with her powers. Most importantly, Streaky helped Kara feel human for the first time.[2]



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Behind the scenes

  • Streaky debuted in Action Comics #261 (February, 1960) as an Earth tabby cat adopted by Kara Zor-El, that accidentally gained powers via exposure to chemically-altered Kryptonite. Several -empowered or powerless- incarnations of the character have appeared since then in the mainstream universe and other continuities, usually as Supergirl's pet cat.