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The Strength Force is one of three other forces that was unleashed during the rebirth of the Speed Force. Its current host is Alexa Rivera.


The Strength Force is a cosmic force based on extremely heightened physical prowess. Powers given by the Strength force revolve superhuman strength and shapeshifting; all of which is centered around the emotion of its host. Through it, the user can change their form in relation to its emotions.


Future Barry watches the birth of the Forces.

After Iris West-Allen touched the artificial Speed Force machine, the residual Speed Force stored in her cells became amplified to the point that the natural Speed Force was reborn.[1]

The lightning bolt that revived the Speed Force was full of Elemental Force particles.[2] This energy separated into four parts and was dispersed from S.T.A.R. Labs into the atmosphere.[1] Barry, from 17 days later, travels through time and watches the birth of the Forces, causing him to change his mind about stopping the dispersion.[2]

Alexa Rivera as Fuerza.

One of the four parts was bestowed to Alexa Rivera who would cause earthquakes as she moved and attacked Abra Kadabra and the Flash. Cisco Ramon nicknamed her Fuerza for a designation.[3]

After battling Deon Owens, Cisco named the power used by Fuerza the Strength Force for the purpose of alliteration and to convey that it is the opposite of the Sage Force,[4] which he and Team Flash had encountered earlier through its host, Bashir Malik.[5]

Barry and the Speed Force, in the form of Nora Allen, found the Strength Force in the form of Alexa and take her to S.T.A.R. Labs.

After the Speed Force killed Alexa,[6] Barry decided that the Forces needed to be destroyed to stop the Speed Force from killing other hosts. Barry and Iris argued about his decision, but ultimately reconciled, causing the Strength Force to animate Alexa's body. Iris and Barry, in an act of unity, simultaneously touch Alexa's body and she was resurrected.[2]

Barry wanted to teach Alexa how to access the Strength Force on command and not to be afraid of her transformations, but, at one training session, Alexa, using the Force but not even transformed, was able to hurt Cisco Ramon before she could be stopped. Later, Caitlin Snow, using Frost as a template, gave Alexa a cerebral inhibitor and had Alexa treat Fuerza as a split personality; this allowed Alexa to access the Strength Force and Fuerza in battle against Psych.[7]


  • Enhanced physical capabilities: Strength Force users have extremely heightened physical prowess, easily able to over power some of the most destructive forces in the universe.
    • Superhuman strength: Strength Force users are much stronger than normal humans and most other meta-humans.
    • Superhuman durability: Strength Forces users are far more durable than normal humans and most other meta-humans; they can even tank an explosion of antimatter bomb, powerful enough to decimate a city, head on at point blank range and not suffer so much; as a scratch or light bruise.
    • Superhuman agility: Strength Force users are far more agile than normal humans and most other meta-human.
    • Superhuman jumping/leaping: Strength Force users able to jump much higher and leap much further than normal humans and most other meta-humans.
    • Superhuman stamina: Strength Force users possesses far more stamina than normal humans and most other meta-human, allowing them to remain physically active for long periods of time; without the need to rest.
    • Energy absorption: Strength Force users can absorb several different types of energy, as Fuerza was able to absorb the antimatter energy blast from Abra Kadabra's bomb and the lightning thrown at her by the Flash.

Known users

Physical manifestations

Lightning coloration

  • Blue: When the Strength Force was created it manifested as blue lightning which hit Alexa Rivera. When Barry went back in time and absorbed the particles of the forces, blue lightning hit Alexa's body in an attempt to destroy the Strength Force.


The Flash

Behind the scenes

  • In the comics, the Strength Force is a cosmic force based around gravity and the force of motion. Its conduits are imbued with its powers by being enveloped by the Earth itself, acting as a sort of cocoon that causes them to undergo a rebirth.