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"Stressed Western" is the eighth episode of the sixth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the ninetieth episode overall. It aired on June 27, 2021.



Levi Stapleton

Levi Stapleton.

On the Waverider, Ava Sharpe and the Legends cooperate to attempt to give Sara Lance the ideal morning back while they likewise attempt to attach a gadget from Kayla's ship to assist them with their quest for outsiders. Gary Green and Spooner continue getting hindered while attempting to interface the gadget, including by John Constantine, who gets some information about the Fountain of Imperium, which agitates Gary. Ava attempts to have a pleasant breakfast in bed with Sara, yet Sara winds up exclaiming her human clone/alien hybrid circumstance. She requests that Ava not tell the group right now. Their talk is hindered when one of the outsider cases is situated in the course of events.

The case is in the Oklahoma Territory in 1891 almost a spot called Fist City. Nate clarifies that it was the most stunning of the Wild West and the entirety of the enormous names of that time were there. Spooner's outsider ESP is going out of this world, however Ava faults it on Gary. Sara rapidly diverts and says she needs to get ready to take care of business. Ava reveals to Nate Heywood that she needs the mission to go easily for her. The Legends go to Fist City and begin attempting to track down the outsider. Behrad Tarazi flirted with Astra Logue. Astra and Spooner conflict. The gathering heads into the cantina however rather than tracking down an antagonistic climate, they discover individuals to be amicable. The bar doesn't serve liquor.

After a concise fight, Spooner is pushed into a man's table yet rather than stirring something up, the man whose drink is spilled happily invites them and gets them root brew. A singing rancher sings them a tune inviting them to Fist City, "the gladdest spot on Earth". Sara announces this to be extremely peculiar. Indeed, even Nate is confounded and they figure the outsider is included. Astra finds a man with a ton of gold in his pocket and plans to take it from him by betting, however betting isn't permitted. Ends up, Fist City has some broad principles on the request for the sheriff. On the Waverider, Constantine keeps on getting some information about the wellspring with Constantine disclosing to him that he's lost his enchantment and he needs to discover the wellspring. The Fountain is really an outsider ancient rarity, however Gary claims it's anything but a legend and advises him to surrender it. Nate finds a needed banner for Bass Reeves and clarifies that Reeves is the primary Black marshall west of the Mississippi, not a crook. The sheriff is recorded as Levi Stapleton, and Nate clarifies that Stapleton is really the lawbreaker.

Irma Rose

Irma Rose.

The outsider should be evolving history. As Sara goes to get some information about Stapleton, he shows up at the bar. He requests that the bartender give them food and drink so they can head coming. Outside, Astra faces the man she was playing a game of cards with to attempt to discover where he got his gold as their encounter gets somewhat extraordinary, the ground begins shaking and Spooner faculties something. Not long before the man can assault Astra, an outsider worm ascends from the beginning eats him. Stapleton controls it with a whistle and reminds everybody that they need to hold their temperatures under tight restraints and afterward advises the Legends to leave. On the Waverider, Sara gets some information about the kind of outsider. It's anything but's, an outsider that feeds on fury and outrage and they must be subdued with the whistle that Stapleton has. The arrangement to draw near to Stapleton? A square moving occasion. Spooner and Astra are sidelined. Zari Tarazi draws near to Stapleton, yet he's onto her and it disturbs Constantine. The worm is set off, however Sara provokes him to a duel by disrupting norm number six, spitting.

As Stapleton and Sara go head to head in the duel, Stapleton cheats and shoots Sara toward the rear of the head a lot to the repulsiveness of the Legends. Notwithstanding, Sara doesn't kick the bucket. The injury very quickly mends and she pivots to defy Stapleton. He continues to shoot her, however it doesn't stage Sara. She shoots the whistle out of his hand yet before he can do anything further, the outsider eats him. One of the residents has gotten the whistle. In any case, she will not give the whistle over on the grounds that they need to clutch the outsider worm. A shootout results with the Legends staying in the cantina. In the forested areas, Astra is searching for gold, yet Spooner goes up against her, and the two wind up going to an agreement, understanding that they aren't that not the same as each other. They collaborate to search for the gold while being seen by Bass Reeves. They find a path of gold and track down the outsider worm's refuge, finding that it leaves behind it a path of gold. They understand that the entire town is securing the outsider. Reeves arises and clarifies the circumstance.

Bass Reeves

Bass Reeves.

Sara clarifies her outsider half breed circumstance to the group and they begin attempting to figure out how to get the whistle. Be that as it may, the group has a great deal of contention with each other. Nate attempts to hold cool without much of any result. In the long run, things raise. Gary concedes that the wellspring is genuine, however that any individual who follows it closes in ruin. The contention begins to draw in the worm and in the long run Nate snaps, letting out his own disappointments. He discusses how nobody has monitored his sentiments, how he's been feeling the loss of his Zari and his disappointments with living on the ship, about not getting a seat in the Hall of Justice. It before long turns out to be certain that he's drawing out the worm outsider intentionally.

Spooner attempts to cause the worm to feel what she's inclination and the shootout initiates. Be that as it may, the worm begins to draw near to Nate as Spooner begins to let completely go. Astra collaborates with her and the pair obliterates the worm, saving Nate in the process With things set to right, Reeves brings down his needed sign and clarifies that he utilized the residents' underestimation of him as his force against them. Everything was fixed. On the Waverider, Gary patches things with Constantine by revealing to him where to get a guide to the Fountain so he embarks to discover said Fountain. Ava and Sara fix things up, as do Behrad and Zari. Behrad gets Zari's emblem with the goal that Nate can utilize the two symbols to go visit his Zari and Ava tells the group they can't keep the singing cowpoke. The Legends are back to ordinary.



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  • In the official press release for the episode, Adam Tsekhman's name was misspelt as "Adam Tsekham".
Square dance flyer

Square dance flyer.

  • After the team travels to 1891 to deal with the alien and learns that Levi Stapleton has the whistle that's the only thing capable of taming the creature, Nate suggests going to a square dancing contest held that day at noon to get near Stapleton in order to get the whistle. A flyer Nate found advertising the dance says the contest will take place "FRIDAY APR 30th" (Friday, April 30). However, in 1891, April 30 was a Thursday.