The Flash: Stretched Scene, simply known as Stretched Scene, is a mini-series, focusing on Ralph Dibny, that aired during commercial breaks of the fourth season of The Flash, as well as online. The web series premiered on November 14, 2017, alongside the broadcast of The Flash episode "When Harry Met Harry...", as well as on The web series was presented by Microsoft to promote "The New Surface Pro". It features Hartley Sawyer as Ralph Dibny, and other cast members reprising their roles in Team Flash. The series follows Ralph pestering his teammates, testing out his new powers, and engaging in other crazy antics.



# Webisode name Story by Original airdate
1 "Stretched Scene #1" November 14, 2017
Caitlin is researching Clifford DeVoe when Ralph asks her about how to create a bouquet of flowers from his hands for a girl he caused to get injured.
2 "Stretched Scene #2" November 21, 2017
Ralph interrupts Iris as she's planing her and Barry's wedding to ask about his glasses.
3 "Stretched Scene #3" December 5, 2017
Ralph practices his powers as Caitlin and Iris try to locate Amunet Black.

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