Detective Stuart "Stu" Donnelly (died 2019) was a corrupt police detective of the Gotham City Police Department, he was targeted and killed by Bertrand Eldon.


Early life

During Stu's life as a GCPD detective, he became a corrupt cop involved in convicting innocent and frequently poor inmates with the ada Angus Stanton and judge Raymond Calverick. He took the credit of his victims' arrest as a way to raise his reputation.

Targeted by the Executioner

In 2019, Stu was targeted by the Executioner who managed to kill him by setting up a trap inside a building at 200 of Rucka Avenue, claiming he barricaded himself with some hostages and wanted to talk only to Stu. However, after he entered the building it turned out it was a recorded voice and the officer was killed by a machine that could shoot bullets.[1]


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Sometime after Stu's death, his past crimes were subsequently exposed to the public by Kate Kane (under the persona of Batwoman); as a result, the district attorney has reopened all cases that were tainted by Stu and his co-conspirators' actions.


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According to Luke Fox; Stu had a sense of justice as he never stop until brings the guilty to justice, however, this was ultimately nothing more than a façade.

In truth, Stu was actually a selfish, greedy, dishonourable and corrupt individual; as he (along with his co-conspirators, Angus Stanton and Raymond Calverick) framed several innocent individuals for crimes they did not commit, for his own personal gain, simply to raise his reputation, as Stu felt no guilt, shame and remorse for his immoral actions; regardless whether or not these said individuals were (wrongfully) incarcerated or executed for crimes they did not commit.

These negative traits of Stu's, were what eventually led to his deserved/justified death at the hands of Bertrand Eldon.



Season 1


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