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"You know, I had a daughter who looked just like you, with similar compulsions... and I expunged that filth from my family line forever!"
—The Sturmbannführer to Sara Lance[src]

An unnamed man was a Sturmbannführer in the Schutzstaffel forces of the New Reich on Earth-X.


The man climbed the ranks of the Nazi Party's military wing, Schutzstaffel, eventually becoming the Sturmbannführer of the New Reich. He was in charge of the execution of the Earth-1 denizens who fought against the invasion of their home. After he appeared in front of the captured heroes, the Sturmbannführer approached Sara Lance with a glare, initially surprised that a woman of "Nordic perfection" like herself would associate with the Reich's enemies. Upon discovering that Sara was bisexual, he recounted when he'd killed his daughter after discovering she was attracted to the same sex. The Sturmbannführer then ordered the guards to proceed with the execution. The heroes initially tried to run away, but he shocked them with their power-dampening collars. The Sturmbannführer then led them to a trench and placed a bag over Oliver Queen's head due to his resemblance to the Führer. Before the execution could commence though, the heroes were rescued by Leo Snart and Ray Terrill.

Later at the hanger, Earth-1 Oliver, posing as the Führer, arrived. Growing weary, the Sturmbannführer brought out Felicity Smoak's doppelgänger and offered her as a "gift" for Oliver to kill. Oliver refused and instead turned the gun on the Sturmbannführer, to which he reveals the gun was never loaded. After a struggle with Oliver, the Sturmbannführer escaped and made his way to the main hangar, which held the gateway, and ordered the men to make sure no one came through. However, Oliver and his friends attacked and took the hanger, allowing them to return to Earth-1.[1]

The Sturmbannführer's fate is unknown but if still alive, it can be assumed he was arrested by the Freedom Fighters since Leo revealed that the rebels had overthrown the Nazi regime after the battle between Earth-X and Earth-1.[2]


The Sturmbannführer is a deep believer in Nazi ideology, going as far as to murder his own daughter for her "filthy compulsions" in cold blood, a stark contrast to his Earth-1 counterpart who is driven to protect others and dearly loved his daughters, never wanting to hurt them. The Sturmbannführer admired Sara Lance's "Nordic perfection" and commented on his daughter having similar looks, but did not hesitate to order her execution, especially upon learning of her bisexuality. The man was also openly prejudiced against Jews, derisively referring to Felicity Smoak's doppelgänger as a "Jewess" due to her religion and being visibly disgusted that Oliver Queen loves her Earth-1 counterpart.

The Sturmbannführer has a shrewd, cunning, inquisitive mind, allowing him to easily deduce and expose that Oliver was an imposter. For unknown reasons, he hates Führer Oliver, yet never openly expressed this due to his fear of the latter. He was implied to have some respect for the Führer regardless, as during Oliver's execution, the Sturmbannführer placed a bag over his head due to the resemblance between them.

Like his fellow Nazis, the Sturmbannführer is sadistic, cruel, and completely devoid of empathy, having no regard for anyone else's lives or well-being if it doesn't further his goal of helping the New Reich establish total control of Earth-X. For example, he openly scoffed in the face of Felicity's doppelgänger's concern for starving children who were inhumanely imprisoned in a camp and took pleasure in trying to kill enemies of the Reich.


  • Skilled tactician/Leader: As a Sturmbannführer in the New Reich, the man was a capable tactician. He lead a small army of troops to kill the Earth-1 breachers, though this failed.[1]
  • Marksmanship: He has some knowledge in using guns.


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