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For the titular character, see Izzy Bowin.
"So? Who's gonna be my buddy then?"
"I may have to pull some strings, but I will see if I am available."
Izzy Bowin and Ralph Dibny

"Subject 9" is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of The Flash, and the eighty-third episode overall. It aired on February 27, 2018.



"Subject 9" begins with Barry coming back to work at the CCPD. As he enters the office, his partners turn a brush off, not inviting him back to the power. He's told to visit Captain Singh.

Singh puts Barry on an uncertain time away according to demand from the city hall leader's office.

Barry advises the group at STAR Labs that they have to discover the remainder of the metahumans from the transport. Ralph and Cisco stroll in with some proof from the transport, and they locate a melodic CD for Izzy Bowin, a hopeful blue grass music craftsman. Cisco utilizes his forces to find Izzy and the group goes out to talk with her.

At the DeVoe sanctuary, Clifford uncovers his new host body is breaking down at a quick pace, and he needs to move into another body at the earliest opportunity.

Barry and Ralph approach Izzy and start disclosing to her how DeVoe is coming after her. Not trusting them, Izzy utilizes her sonic-based forces to divert the pair and departure.

Harry's getting some espresso at Jitters when Cecile strolls in. She vents to him about being up throughout the night due to her new capacities. Harry says he may have something to get her out.

Group Flash discovers Izzy's next area, and Barry, Ralph, and Cisco suit up to talk with her. As they way to deal with caution her once more, DeVoe shows up on scene. DeVoe utilizes his forces to take out Team Flash just for Izzy to sonic impact DeVoe, harming him. DeVoe transports from the area.

They take Izzy back to STAR Labs, where they clarify DeVoe's body-taking capacities. Izzy clarifies that she's surrendered such a great amount to seek after her blue grass music vocation in Central City. A baffled Izzy doesn't consent to remain with the group and tempests out of the lab. Ralph pursues her and clarifies his job in the group.

In the wake of chatting with Ralph, Izzy chooses to remain.

Back at their nest, the DeVoes get into a quarrel over Clifford's perspective.

At STAR Labs, Iris gives Izzy a fiddle to channel her forces through. Harry's dealing with a force hosing cap to stop Cecile's forces, yet Cecile doesn't care for it in light of the fact that the head protector is excessively awkward. The two contend about it.

The gathering is attempting to prepare Izzy on utilizing her fiddle to all the more precisely utilize her forces.

Harry goes toward the West living arrangement to converse with Cecile about their contention prior. He gives her a handheld adaptation of the force hosing gadget. She invites Harry in and they talk about the gadget, trying to reinforce their companionship.

Upset about their instructional meeting prior, Izzy takes out Ralph so she can get away from STAR Labs and take on DeVoe without anyone else.

Somewhere else in the lab, Harry has returned and discloses to the remainder of Team Flash that he can utilize the gadget he worked for Cecile on DeVoe. Harry considers it a cerebral inhibitor, and we see a flashback from last season where Savitar makes reference to the gadget.

Ralph comes to and tells the remainder of the group that Izzy left. Cisco vibes her area and sees her in the stockroom locale being drawn closer by DeVoe.

Izzy takes a stab at utilizing her fiddle just for the strings to break. Barry and Ralph appear trying to put the cerebral inhibitor on DeVoe, and a battle breaks out. After DeVoe takes out both Barry and Ralph, Izzy's ready to put the inhibitor on Devoe's brow.

DeVoe, in any case, utilizes Kilg%re's forces to hack the inhibitor and expel it from her temple. DeVoe then entangles Izzy in a power field arrangement and slaughters her, taking her body simultaneously.

The group rendezvous back at STAR Labs to conceptualize approaches to utilize the inhibitor to stop DeVoe. Cisco uncovers he's been chipping away at a hypothesis that DeVoe's nest exists in a type of pocket measurement that he's ready to get to.

Harry and Cecile are having espresso at Jitters as Harry attempts to work out an issue on a napkin. He communicates his dissatisfactions on his stressed relationship with his girl.

Back at his loft, Ralph is floundering in his distresses while tuning in to Izzy's CD. Barry shows up to comfort his companion, and Ralph gives him a business card requesting that he become an partner at his P.I. firm.



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  • Barry is forced to remain suspend from CCPD until the end of the season; when Iris prints Devoe's plans and the public learns why Barry was framed.
  • The song sung by Izzy Bowin at the beginning of the episode is the country single "Somethin' Bad" by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood.
  • Ralph suggests "Soundwave" as a nickname for Izzy Bowin, before Cisco shoots it down as it's already the name of a Transformer. In fact, there are a number of Transformers with this name.
  • One of Izzy's updates mentions a "starfish situation" in Blue Valley, a callback to the episode "Therefore I Am", in which Wally mentions having battled a "starfish from outer space", a reference to Starro.
  • DeVoe suggests "The Fiddler" as a nickname for Izzy, referencing her gender-swapped comic counterpart, Isaac Bowin.
  • Ralph tells Barry that "this Turner don't need no Hooch", referencing the 1989 detective comedy film Turner & Hooch.
  • Izzy says a fiddle would only help in a fight against the Devil, referencing the Charlie Daniels song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia".
  • When the team discovers a digital representation of the warping signature of DeVoe, Cisco exclaims, "space: the final frontier", referencing the tagline for the Star Trek franchise.
  • Ralph states, "Killer robots come out of this elevator." This is a reference to Metallo coming out of the elevator and shooting Supergirl in "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4".
  • After transferring his mind into Izzy's body, DeVoe plays Bach's "Parita for Solo Violin No. 2 in D Minor, BWV 1004: V. Ciaconna".
  • When Barry is offered the opportunity to be Ralph's P.I. partner, he replies, "You like me. You really like me". This is an homage to Sally Field's acceptance speech, which itself has been popularly misquoted that way, after winning the Best Actress Oscar for 1984's Places in the Heart.


  • Clifford DeVoe retains Izzy Bowin's accent when he transfers his mind into her body, even though accents are mental, not physical.