"Well, you're on your own. Pennsylvania? The succubus on a freight train?"
"That warrant still stands?"
—Chas Chandler and John Constantine[src]

The succubus was a type of demon encountered by Chas Chandler during an incident on the freight train in Pennsylvania.


At some point of time before John Constantine's team's goes to investigate the Rising Darkness, John and Chas had a mission on a freight train moving through Pennsylvania that involved a succubus. The incident ended with the derailment of the train, which was blamed on Chas, who was given a warrant at the State of Pennsylvania, making him unwilling to travel there anymore.[1]



Behind the scenes

  • In mythology, succubus is a feminine demon that hunts for life energy, preying on the desires of men.
  • In the DC comics, succubi exist with one particular, Chantinelle being a known associate to John Constantine.


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