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"I guess you're not the only one that's full of surprises."
—Sue Dearbon to Ralph Dibny[src]

Susan "Sue" Dearbon is the daughter of Richard and Penelope Dearbon and a former socialite. She later became a thief working to take down Black Hole and pretended to be a missing person, investigated by Ralph Dibny. While investigating Joseph Carver, Sue disguised herself as an underground arms dealer named January Galore and briefly used the alias Genoa.[1]

After Carver's death and Eva McCulloch's defeat, Sue and Ralph left Central City to defeat other criminal organizations. Weeks later, she returned to aid Team Flash in some of their missions.


Original multiverse[]

Early life[]

Sue Dearbon was born to Richard and Penelope Dearbon. She grew up in a wealthy family. According to Ralph, Sue is a graduate of MIT, speaks six languages and plays polo.[2]

At some point, Sue disappeared, which led to her family asking Ralph to investigate and find her in June 2019.[3]

Investigating Black Hole[]

January Galore

Sue as January Galore.

Sue went to Remington Meister's auction as January Galore, and waited in the hall before it started, where she met Barry Allen and Ralph Dibny. Later, during the auction, she bid $500 million on the Ring of Fire, but was outbid by a seemingly drunk Barry who instigated a fight on stage with Ultraviolet while Ralph fought Meister. She stayed and watched the fight, and also the activation of the Ring of Fire which targeted Central City. She left when Meister and Ultraviolet were defeated.[4]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Sue as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[5] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[6]

New multiverse[]

Investigating Joseph Carver[]

"She lied about that; it's kinda her thing. She is stupid rich, though."
—Ralph Dibny[src]

Sue traveled the world from Paris to Shanghai, gleaning information on Joseph Carver.[1]

When Ralph met Sue

Sue meets Ralph.

She learned of Dibny's investigation and in February 2020, she returned to Central City. to meet Ralph. She manipulated him into helping her rob the criminal John Loring under the lie that they were stealing records of his crimes. Even after Ralph found out the truth, he refused to give up on Sue and saved her life from Loring and his men. Regardless, when Ultraviolet intervened, Sue bailed on Ralph and escaped, not with documents, but with a large diamond that Loring claims as his.

Elongated Man and Sue Dibny about to battle Utraviolet

Sue and Ralph prepare to fight Ultraviolet.

Later, Sue investigated Black Hole at her hideout.[2]

Weeks later, dressed as January Galore, Sue caught Cisco Ramon as he was hacking into a bank's security cameras. While she was flirting and distracting him, Sue deactivated the cameras, then went upstairs to where the servers were and shed her disguise. She had hacked into the finances and records of all the branches of the First National Bank. After getting the money and information she needed, Sue escaped Ralph's attempt to capture her.

Sue Dearbon in her suit

At the bank's computer room teasing Ralph.

Sue was at an investment firm, calling herself "Genoa" (like the salami) when Ralph arrived and disrupted her discussion with the financial advisor. When asked if she was married to him, both Sue and Ralph yelled, "Gross!" Sue confirmed Ralph's theory that Sue's parents were being extorted by Joseph Carver and they were sending money to an account owned by Black Hole. She partially apologized for tricking him upon their meeting and partially revealed that she was attracted to him. Before leaving the firm, she handed Ralph the Black Hole diamond and asked him to research it.[1]

Sue Dearbon wearing a Black Hole pin

Sue wearing a Black Hole lapel.

Ralph called Sue's parents to have them meet him at his detective agency so that he can tell them that he had seen their daughter; Sue accompanied them and lied that she had never met Ralph before. Sue told Ralph what she had told her parents: she was missing because she was on a prayer sabbatical and lost track of time. As the Dearbons offered to pay Ralph for his time and effort, Sue and Ralph stepped out of the office and talked about how Carver called her parents and said he would stop blackmailing them.[7]

Ralph and Sue vs Sunshine and Doctor Light

Sue and Ralph prepare to fight Sunshine and Dr. Light.

Helping Team Flash[]

While Team Flash was evacuating the McCulloch Technologies building pending the arrival of Eva, Ralph noticed that Sue was going in the opposite direction; he stopped her and saw that she was wearing a Black Hole lapel. Sue admitted that the price she paid for her parents' freedom was to work for Carver, but she had full intent to double-cross and kill him. Ralph became too distracted with the arrival of Eva McCulloch's team to pursue her. However, when a fight erupted between Team Flash, Eva's team, and Carver's security guards, Sue arrived in time to save Ralph from Dr. Light. As the battle continued however, Sue and the members of Team Flash became surrounded. At the last moment, Eva declared the battle over by announcing the death of Carver.

Sue was then framed by Eva McCulloch for Joseph Carver's murder; Ralph went to Sue to inform her.[7]

Days later, Sue's picture was still prominent in newspapers as she and Ralph went on the run until her innocence could be proven.[8]

During Eva McCulloch's attack on Central City, Sue disguised herself as a police officer and went to the CCPD to inform Joe West that the people who appeared there were not her parents, but mirror duplicates created by Eva. When a hand came out of the mirror to pick up Joe, Sue warned him.

Ralph and Sue leave the STAR Labs

Sue and Ralph leave Central City.

Later, Sue and Ralph tried to break into McCulloch Tech. They found a recording of Eva killing Carver but when they left, Eva blew the whole place up with Ralph inside. His face was reduced to "mashed potatoes", as he is severely burned to the point of melting. Sue then took him to STAR Labs to be able to heal and warned Team Flash about the situation.

After being cleared, Sue and Ralph bid the team farewell as they decide that there are other organizations similar to Black Hole that need to be disassembled.[9]

Return to Central City[]

After weeks of doing missions overseas with Ralph, in Tunisia among other places, Sue returned to Central City following Chester P. Runk's call for help involving planning a heist. After returning to S.T.A.R. Labs, she greeted both Runk and Cecile Horton over what the heist is on. She is notified on them having to steal a certain mask from a museum and it has multiple security layers.

Sue and Cecile manage to get into the museum, go through security and outwit the guard, but Cecile reveals herself to be possessed by the mask and makes Sue shoot herself with a tranquilizer dart. She wakes up in STAR Labs angry at Chester for listening to Cecile while she was possessed but later forgives him, so she decides to stay at a hotel in the city[10] to look for Ultraviolet.


Ultravioleta is incarcerated até STAR Labs.

Sue arrives at CC Jitters to stop Ultraviolet from attacking Allegra, they fight but she flees. At STAR Labs they manage to track Ultraviolet and its new target, Dr. Olsen, who they discover was a Black Hole scientist who tortured Ultraviolet and she runs away again. Sue tries to tell Allegra that Esperanza is gone, like her parents, but she doesn't listen. The Team locates Ultraviolet in a warehouse, and Sue defeats Olsen's henchmen while Allegra tries to save Esperanza.[11]

Helping Iris[]

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Caitlin delivers Frost's eulogy

Sue at Frost's funeral.

Sue finally manages to defeat the Black Hole, and after her parents are arrested, she takes over the family business. Sue then visits Iris and accompanies her to Coast City to investigate the Coast City Phantom. The individual turned out to be Tinya Wazzo, a teenage meta-human who is looking for her mother who abandoned her. Sue and Iris then decide to help her.[12]

Sue later attended Frost's funeral.[13]


"Me, I see what I want and I take it."
—Sue Dearbon to Ralph Dibny[src]
You Played Everyone

Sue talks to Ralph.

With a mercurial personality and the ability to tell beautifully elaborate lies, Sue's personality is hard to describe as one has no idea who she truly is or what she truly wants. While Cecile felt that Sue was attracted to Ralph, Sue demonstrates that she is disgusted by his presence; while Sue says that she and John Loring were lovers, he acts as if he never met her when he sees her at the bank. However, one thing is true about Sue: she is a survivor and will do what is necessary to accomplish her true goal; whether others know what it is or not is not her concern.

Sue seems to value family to the point of becoming a member of Black Hole to protect her parents.


  • Peak of human physical condition: Sue is in top physical condition with fast reflexes, as demonstrated when she dodged Ultraviolet's blast with ease. She is strong enough to knock Ralph Dibny down with a single kick. She was also unfazed from getting hit by Ultraviolet during their fight.[2]
  • High-level intellect/Expert Tactician: Sue is very intelligent and an excellent strategist, having graduated from MIT.[2]
    • Expert investigator: Sue is a very perceptive individual; she was able to quickly determine that Joseph Carver and Black Hole were connected to each other along with the diamond that John Loring had.[2]
    • Master of deception/Manipulator: Sue is highly charismatic and confident, making her a gifted liar.[2] She also has a penchant for disguises, using latex masks, wigs, and various accents to pose as different women. She is especially skilled with deceiving men, as shown with both Ralph and Cisco specifically. Due to Sue’s vast wealth and experience, she knows how to play the game, and isn’t ashamed to admit it; as she demonstrated when she was talking to Deathstorm in the form of Eddie Thawne, telling him she’s young, rich and a total dime.[1]
    • Multilingualism: Sue is capable of fluently speaking English, French, Spanish,[2], and Italian.[1]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Sue is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, as seen when she went up against Ultraviolet.[2] Later she was able to swiftly disarm and knock aside Dr. Light with pure ease and was also able to go toe to toe against Sunshine and even briefly overwhelm her. Her style seems to be comprised of Boxing, Taekwono, Muay Thai, Judo, and Aikido.[7]
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain: A driven and determined individual, Sue is nearly fearless and almost never gives up under most situations. Sue also has a high tolerance for pain; as she didn't display any signs of discomfort from her room exploding or being hit repeatedly by Ultraviolet.[2]


Sue scans the diamond

Sue scans the Black Hole diamond.

  • Suit: Sue uses a black elastic protective suit when carrying out ops.[2]

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Behind the scenes[]

  • In the DC comics, Sue Dearbon is the wife of Ralph Dibny a.k.a. the Elongated Man. Ralph met Sue after crashing her debutante ball under the pretext of chasing jewelry thieves. They fell in love and became a crime-fighting couple.
  • Sue was originally supposed to be introduced in Season 4 but was ultimately moved to Season 6 as Ralph Dibny was going through his own character development.[citation needed]
  • Sue's alias, January Galore, is a parody of Pussy Galore from the James Bond film Goldfinger.