Summers (died 2018) was a corrupt Freeland Police Department detective in the pocket of Tobias Whale.


Detective Summers served in the Freeland Police Department and was corrupt, reporting to Tobias Whale. Tobias allowed Summers to stay at his vacation home in the Cayman Islands, where Summers realized that he hated his wife and children and resolved to take his girlfriend on the next holiday instead. After his vacation, Tobias ordered him to retrieve some evidence from the Freeland Police Department[1] containing the DNA evidence on Alvin Pierce's murder.[2] Summers met Tobias on a secluded road. After Summers gave Tobias the evidence, Tobias shot and killed him at point blank range.[1]

Summers' body and the car he was driving was professionally torched to hide evidence. Deputy Chief Bill Henderson was briefed by Patrolman Roman Hicks at the scene who confirmed that several of the recovered serial numbers on the car matched those of the vehicle assigned to Detective Summers.[3]


Black Lightning

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