For the deity that Sunjay impersonated, see Kamadeva.

Sunjay is a magical fugitive who took the alias and the mantle of the Hindu god Kamadeva after the original one was immolated.


Early life

Sunjay was born thousands of years prior to 1802. After Kamadeva was immolated by Shiva, Sunjay gathered Kamadeva's ashes and used them to spread lust-filled outbreaks, marrying 1000 women as time passed.[1]


At some point, Sunjay was sent to and imprisoned in Mallus's realm, presumably due to humans fearing the magic of Kamadeva's ashes. When Mallus was freed by the Legends, Sunjay and several magical creatures also made their escape.[1]

Bedlam at Bath

At some point, Sunjay became Lord Remington's coachman. In 1802, they traveled to and arrived at Bath, England, where Sunjay spread another love outbreak.

One week later, Sunjay was drawing the carriage when he suddenly stopped, almost running Zari Tarazi over. He politely helped her up, and was ordered by Lord Remington to hurry along. When the Legends split up to gather information, Zari approached Sunjay, who was working at the stables. After making out, Sunjay pretended and revealed he was Kamadeva, the Hindu god of love, and proceeded to continue making out, only for Zari to successfully tie his hands and capture him.

The Legends imprisoned him in the Waverider, where, later that night, he blew Kamadeva's ashes into the air vents, giving everyone on the ship hot dreams. The next morning, Zari scolded Sunjay for his recklessness, to which Sunjay rebutted that the magic only showed their true desire and argued that love is a necessity. When Zari asked what he knew about the human heart, he revealed his true identity and how he performed magic. He admitted his feelings for her and dared her to act on her impulse and feel love. This resulted in both of them intaking the ashes and outside the ship, a Bollywood musical number was ensued by the new couple. Soon after, Zari uses the ashes to captivate Charlie and Sara.

Zari impulsively decided to have a Christian wedding at that moment, but when they were about to make their vows, Mona intervened and broke her teammates from the love trance, reasoning that love can wait for something more. After criticizing Sunjay for him basically being a stranger, he admitted that he has a thousand wives, to which she broke the necklace of Kamadeva's ashes as a sign of being put off and being brought back to reality.[1]


Sunjay can be impulsive on his decisions concerning love, but it may have been the love magic talking. Sunjay is shown to be kind, smart, and loving, as seen in his attitude towards Zari.[1]


  • Persuasion: Sunjay convinced Zari that the only way to feel free and feel love is to act on one's impulse, an idea that the Legends eventually realized was terrible.[1]


Former equipment

  • Kamadeva's ashes: Sunjay used the ashes of Kamadeva and put them in a bottle necklace, and would release the love magic, creating lust outbreaks wherever he would go. The necklace was eventually confiscated by the Legends.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • In real life, Kamadeva, Kāma or Manmatha is the Hindu god of human love or desire, often portrayed along with his female counterpart Rati.


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