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For a team from Earth-1 also known as "Super Friends", please see Team Flash.

"Wait, so the Superfriends are back?"
"We're not calling ourselves that."
Winn Schott and Kara Danvers[src]

The Superfriends, coined by Winn Schott,[1] is a vigilante team led by Kara Danvers that operates in National City of Earth-38. The team protects the city from anyone who means to cause it harm, especially alien hostiles.  The team is currently inactive, as Supergirl and J'onn J'onzz were the only members to survive the destruction of the multiverse. The Superfriends also work closely with the D.E.O., which is their biggest ally.

Due to the Anti-Monitor Crisis, the team members were relocated to Earth-Prime.


Year One: Myriad

After Kara saved Flight 237 and revealed herself to the world, she wanted to use her powers to help people. She then revealed her true identity to her best friend, Winn Schott, who eagerly agreed to help her and keep her secret. He helped make her suit, find her crimes to fight, and even gave her some advice.[1]

Year One.

The team was expanded when James Olsen told Kara that he knew that she was Supergirl and that her cousin, Clark Kent/Superman wanted him to help her. Her team was then expanded more when she became allies and a member of the D.E.O., earning the help of Hank Henshaw/J'onn J'onzz, Alex Danvers, and numerous other D.E.O. members.[2]

Cat Grant became an ally of Supergirl's team after the latter saved Cat, and the two became close friends.

During Myriad's initiation into National City, Alex was controlled by Non and tried to kill Supergirl, but she managed to get back to normal. Later, J'onn and Kara fought Non and Indigo and managed to defeat them, but the only way to prevent Myriad from killing everyone on Earth was to launch Fort Rozz itself into space. At the risk of her own life, Kara lifted Fort Rozz into space and pushed it away from Earth. Kara was saved by J'onn shortly after.[3]

Year Two: Alien Amnesty Act/Daxamite invasion

The Daxamite Mon-El who crash-landed on Earth,[4] became a member of Supergirl's team after he earned both Supergirl and the D.E.O.'s trust. He started training with Supergirl[5] and became an agent of the D.E.O. before he eventually started going on some missions with Supergirl.

Year Two.

When Alex's relationship with detective Maggie Sawyer started getting serious, Maggie revealed that she had figured out that Kara and Supergirl were the same person. She then became a ally of the team.[6]

When James Olsen became the vigilante known as Guardian, he, along with his own team, became allies of Supergirl's team.

During the Daxamite invasion, Kara was forced to release lead into the atmosphere to force all of the Daxamites to leave. In an effort to save Mon-El, Kara sent him away into space.[7]

Year Three: Legion/Worldkillers/Children of Juru

Maggie ended up leaving the team when she broke up with Alex Danvers. However, Lena Luthor had become a member of the team.

The Legion was recruited as allies in the fight against Reign and the Worldkillers. Due to events changing in the Legion's own time, they had to leave to the future for a large period of time.[8]

Year Three.

Kara's mother Alura Zor-El had then joined as an ally when Kara found her on Argo City and needed her help to get the Harun-El needed to stop Reign.

The Legion returned from their own time in order to be allies once more against Reign along with Alura in the field.[9]

Year Four: Children of Liberty/Return of Lex Luthor

The Superfriends started dealing with anti-alien organizations such as the Children of Liberty and it's leader, Ben Lockwood.

Year Four.

New CatCo employee, Nia Nal who is a human-naltorian hybrid with precognition powers, joined the Superfriends in their fight in protecting aliens.

The Superfriends also came into a conflict with Lena's brother, Lex Luthor who used a copy of Supergirl, Red Daughter to destroy her reputation.

However, Superfriends were able to clear Supergirl's name, stopping the Children of Liberty and Lex before the latter is killed by Lena. As Lex dies, he reveals to Lena that Kara is Supergirl, leaving Lena bitter and angry.[10]

Year Five: War against Leviathan/Lena and Kara's fallout/Anti-Monitor Crisis

The Superfriends are dealing with three new threats; Leviathan, Lena Luthor and the Anti-Monitor Crisis.

Lena had cut her ties with the Superfriends while still pretending to be Kara's ally. Later battling against Leviathan with them, but preparing her own plans in the meantime. While Kara managed to stop her plan to erase violence with the help of her team and Malefic J'onzz, the appearance of J'onn's brother was revealed to be a test for J'onn for the oncoming Crisis.

Year Five.

The Superfriends later worked with Lena to save a large amount of the population of Earth-38 from Antimatter with the new addition of Kelly Olsen. Along with her, they also had the assistance of Team Arrow, Team Flash, Batwoman, White Canary, and the Atom. They then failed at saving the citizens of Earth-38 that were moved to Earth-1.[11]However Kara, J'onn, and the newly resurrected Lex Luthor ended up helping in stopping Mobius as the Paragons. Then creating Earth-Prime where they finished him off with the other heroes of the merged Earth.[12]

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Due to crisis, this team was disbanded and a new team was made on Earth-Prime.

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