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Supergirl: Age of Atlantis is a novel written by Jo Whittemore. It was released on November 7, 2017 by Abrams Books.


Supergirl (aka Kara Danvers) has been running across average citizens performing amazing feats all over National City. But that's not even the weirdest thing going on. The Department of Extranormal Operations has captured a mysterious humanoid sea creature. Supergirl must find out what has drawn him to National City, and his connection to this surge of super-citizens.[1]


  • Pryll informs Kara that there is a king of Atlantis who was unwilling, at first, to take the throne. This heavily implies that there is a version of Aquaman on Earth-38A, and therefore by extension, Earth-38.
  • As an apology to the mayor, Kara rushes to CC Jitters in Central City of Earth-38A to buy them a cake. She wonders whether her friend Barry Allen has a CC Jitters in his Central City on Earth-1A.
  • Similarly to the Ciscos of both Earth-1 and Earth-1A and their naming conventions of meta-humans, the whole team, especially Winn, take delight in naming the "supercitizens" who suddenly gained superhuman capabilities after being exposed to the orachulcum.
  • This is the first installment in the Supergirl trilogy of novels written by Jo Whittemore, which continues in Supergirl: Curse of the Ancients and concludes in Supergirl: Master of Illusion. These novels, as well as The Flash trilogy novels, and The Flash: Crossover Crisis trilogy, take place in the Barryverse. The Barryverse, created by Barry Lyga, is a multiverse that has splintered off from the main Arrowverse following the Flashpoint event. For this reason, each Earth is nicknamed by the characters within it as Earth-1A, Earth-38A and so on. However, the characters that inhabit these Earths do not always use the letter "A" when referring to their Earth.
    • This Barryverse was created by The CW when Barry Lyga was tasked with writing a trilogy of The Flash novels set during the third season whilst it was being broadcast. As Lyga was finding it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing canon and continuity, the CW team suggested that he created a separate multiverse, which splintered off during Flashpoint, thus giving Lyga and Jo Whittemore much more freedom going ahead. This multiverse would be the "what would have happened if the Flashpoint never happened?".[2]
    • The pre-Flashpoint histories of Earth-1A and Earth-38A have no differences to those of Earth-1 and Earth-38 respectively. However, the further the novel ranges continue, the bigger the histories of the Earths skewer off.
    • Lyga also explained that this trilogy of novels takes place during the second season of Supergirl.[3]

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