"Well, I tend bar at the Ruby-Red Lipstick bar, and we do cosplay party on Friday nights. You dress up as any superhero you want. Supergirl. Looker, if vampires are more your thing."

Supergirl is a fictional superhero on Earth-TUD5.


Supergirl was a popular superhero. Grace suggested Anissa Pierce to attend her cosplay party at the Ruby Red Lipstick Bar dressing up as either Supergirl or Looker. Grace ended up attending the party in a latex catsuit.[1]

When Jennifer Pierce was upset with her family, her mother comforted her, telling her that she wasn't Supergirl, but simply her mother.[2]


  • Superpowers: Supergirl became the target of Grace and Anissa's discussion as they were talking about genetic mutations that give people superpowers, shifting to discuss comic books and superheroes.[1]


Black Lightning

Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Supergirl is a Kryptonian superhero, cousin of Superman and acquaintance of Black Lightning.


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