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"I'm not flying around saving people in this thing. I... I wouldn't even wear it to the beach. Where's my cape?"
"Capes are lame. Tell your cousin I said so. Actually, never, never do that.
Kara Danvers and Winn Schott[src]

The Superman suit is a protective suit that Clark Kent wears as the superhero, Superman.


When Clark decided to become a superhero, he donned a blue suit, a red cape with golden clasps to hold it in place, and a red and yellow emblem, the House of El's coat of arms, emblazoned on the chest, along with a red and yellow belt and red boots. He normally wears the suit underneath his ordinary clothes so he can quickly change out of them.[1]

Original suit[]

At least until 2007, the leggings of Superman's suit resembled pants with underwear worn over them.[2]


The suit along with the Supergirl suit were briefly upgraded when Winn Schott built shields to protect them from Metallo's Kryptonite blasts. The shield would be worn on the chest area.


When Clark decided to become a superhero, he donned a blue and red suit, resembling the traditional clothing as seen on Krypton. Clark used his suit to inspire Metropolis and the world that there is hope, giving the illusion that the House of El crest on his chest meant "Super" as referenced by Winn Schott.[3] Clark and his suit are an inspiration for Supergirl and thus; the Legion of Superheroes in the future 31st century.

Superman moments before being destroyed by antimatter

Superman (and his suit) is about to be destroyed by antimatter,

Superman (Earth-38) recruiting Clark (Earth-96)

Superman wearing the suit during the Crisis.

As Superman, Clark wore this suit throughout his adventures, a battle with John Deegan and during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. He also briefly fought Earth-96 Superman, where the latter's heat vision did not damage the suit, but caused the former a degree of pain. Both Clark and the suit were destroyed by a wave of antimatter,[4] but Clark was brought back during the rebirth of the universe, where he wore another suit on Earth-Prime.[5]



  • Cape: To help with his flying, Clark relies on a cape to help him to turn for when he is flying due to the fact capes help with aerodynamics.
  • Advanced durability: It is unknown what materials the suit is comprised of, however, the suit is just as durable as Clark; as bullets cannot penetrate it, even explosives from missiles and, highly concentrated bursts of energy from Reactron and Metallo respectively could not damage it.

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Behind the scenes[]

  • Unlike Superman's initial iconic suit in the DC comics, this suit doesn't have the red trunks, similar to Henry Cavill's Superman suit in the DC Extended Universe, which is a more modern interpretation. However, the suit has nods to the previous iterations of Superman but mostly resembles the New 52 Superman's ceremonial armor, sans the collar. The suit also has the feel of a spacesuit and the crest is similar to how it has been classically depicted by artist Dan Jurgens in the comics, especially in the Pre-New 52 era. Moreover, the way the cape clasps onto the suit is reminiscent of the Superman's look in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us and of one of the suits of Supergirl in the comics.
  • Numerous episodes in Season 1, the suit and Superman himself have been CGI, rather than a physical suit. However, in other episodes either the cape, the sleeves or the boots were only featured.
  • In "Midvale", it was revealed Clark used to have tights on his suit, but later removed it from his outfit. This was likely a reference to Smallville, which the suit featured tights but in the comics, which takes place after the end of the series Clark removed the tights from his outfit.