The Superman suit is a protective suit that Clark Kent wears as the superhero, Superman.


When Clark decided to become a superhero, he donned a blue suit with red trim, a red cape with golden clasps to hold it in place, and a red and yellow emblem, the House of El's coat of arms, emblazoned on the chest, along with a red and yellow belt and red boots. He normally wears the suit underneath his ordinary clothes so he can quickly change out of them.[1]


During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Clark Kent as "Superman" wore the suit in battle. After their victory, he would keep it at the S.T.A.R. Labs hall.[1]



  • Cape: To help with his flying, Clark relies on a cape to help him to turn for when he is flying due to the fact capes help with aerodynamics.
  • Advanced durability: It is unknown what materials the suit is comprised of, however, the suit is just as durable as Clark; as bullets cannot penetrate it and even explosives from missiles and highly concentrated bursts of energy cannot damage it.

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