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"Cool costume."
"Thanks. My mom made it for me."
—Young boy and Superman[src]

The Superman suits are a series of protective suits worn by Clark Kent as the superhero Superman.


First suit

Clark in the first Superman suit.

When Clark decided to become a superhero, he donned a blue suit with red trim, a red cape and a red and black emblem, the House of El's coat of arms, emblazoned on the chest, along with a red underpants and red boots.[1]

Second suit

Clark in the second Superman suit.

The second suit is similar to the first, but with some changes. He donned a blue suit with red trim, a red cape with golden clasps to hold it in place, and a red and yellow emblem, the House of El's coat of arms, emblazoned on the chest, along with a red and yellow belt and red boots.[2] At some point, t-shirts were made modeled after this version of Superman's suit.[3]

Third suit

Clark in the third Superman suit.

The third suit is similar to the second, but with few changes. The cape looks like the first suit, and the belt looks more streamlined.


According to Clark, the first suit was made by Martha Kent.[1] The House of El coat of arms was later added to the suit at Clark's suggestion.[4]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Clark as "Superman" wore the suit in battle. After their victory, he would keep it at the S.T.A.R. Labs hall.[2]

Sometime after the crisis of 2019, some upgrades were made to the suit.[1]



  • Cape: To help with Clark's flying, he relies on a cape to help him to turn for when he is flying; due to the fact that capes help with aerodynamics.[2]
  • Advanced durability: It is unknown what materials the suit is comprised of, however, the suit is just as durable as Clark; as bullets cannot penetrate it, even explosives from missiles and highly concentrated bursts of energy cannot damage it.[1] The first suit was also fireproof and incredibly durable; it could withstand Atom-Man's flamethrower and a grenade at close-range without any damage or even visible signs of wear.[4] The current, third suit is even more durable, as it appeared completely undamaged after Zeta-Rho, possessing Jordan Kent, skimmed Clark against active, molten lava.[5]
  • Identity concealment: The Superman suit kept the wearer's identity concealed.[2]

Known users


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Cisco's t-shirt.

  • Cisco Ramon owns a t-shirt with the Superman logo on it; which he didn't remember owning before the crisis.[3]

Behind the scenes

  • The emblem on Clark's first suit seen in a flashback in "Pilot", is black with a yellow outline and a red "S"; this is the same emblem seen in the 1941 animated Superman shorts produced by Fleischer Studios.
  • The third Superman pays homage to several Superman suits; the crest is still depicted with the classic Dan Jurgens style, though the crest looks to be about the same size as the one Brandon Routh wore on his suit. The suit retains the look, texture, and feel of the spacesuit style from the second suit. The suit retains the New 52 styled boots but has a DC-Rebirth styled belt on the waist.