"You think I won't get out of here? You think I won't kill those you care for?"
"No, I don't. Because you're in Purgatory."
Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen[src]

The Supermax was an A.R.G.U.S. maximum-security prison located on Lian Yu. In 2013, Slade Wilson was imprisoned here by Oliver Queen. In late 2013, former ASIS member Digger Harkness was also imprisoned here.

In 2014, when Oliver and Thea Queen both visited Lian Yu, Malcolm Merlyn killed the guard and set Slade loose. Remember Slade's promise, Oliver rushed to get he and his sister of the island. Slade later captured them and imprisoned them in his cell. After Thea and Oliver escape, they search for Slade to prevent him from getting on their plane. However, Slade finds them first and overpowers Oliver. While Slade taunts Oliver about his promise, Thea takes Slade down and tries to kill him. In the end, however, Thea just knocks him out and takes him back to his cell. When Thea leaves, Slade taunts Oliver about him losing his sister. Oliver then leaves the compound.

Two years later, Adrian Chase travels to the island and offers Digger Harkness a deal, which he accepts. Later, Oliver Queen arrives in the Supermax and offers Digger and Slade their freedom in exchange for their help. Slade accepts and Digger seemingly accepts as well. The guard confronts Oliver and Oliver tries to convince him to leave on the A.R.G.U.S. supply boat. When the guard refuses, Oliver knocks him out.

Whether or not the Supermax survived the explosion that destroyed Lian Yu was unknown for three years. Eventually, it was discovered that it had indeed survived.


Supermax built

After the confrontation with the vengeful Slade, Oliver Queen managed to beat him and locked him away in a maximum security prison A.R.G.U.S had build on the island.

Slade's imprisonment on Lian Yu

Slade threatens Thea

Slade holds Thea at gun point.

In late 2014, Slade received a cellmate, his old friend Digger Harkness.[1] In early 2015, Malcolm Merlyn released Slade and informed him Oliver and Thea were on the island, as Malcolm wanted them tested, and Slade set out to find them. After learning that, Slade escaped. Slade quickly attacked and knocked them both out and placed them in the Supermax. Slade said he would leave them on the island like Oliver did to him and telling him to be grateful that he didn't bury Thea next to Shado, then taunting Oliver about Shado's death again and stating that had he told him the truth himself Moira may still be alive. Slade told Thea that her brother always will keep secrets for her, before leaving them behind.
Slade returned to prison

Slade returned to prison.

However Oliver and Thea were able to free themselves and pursued Slade as he attempted to use their plane to escape. Slade ambushed them and took Thea hostage with a gun, but was surprised when she fought back and Slade fought both Thea and Oliver simultaneously, before Thea pulled a gun on him and wanted to kill him. However, Oliver managed to convince her not to kill Slade, but she still shot him in the shoulder. Returning to the Supermax, Slade noted that Thea was not the killer Oliver was. As Oliver was leaving Slade taunted him about the people he had lost and how losing any more would leave nothing of Oliver Queen.[2]

Not long after that, the psychological effects of the Mirakuru fully wore off, and as a result, Slade finally became sane again. For the next two years, Slade thought about his actions. He finally realized that Shado's death wasn't Oliver's fault, and forgave him. He also started to regret his actions, and took a full responsibility for them.[3]

War with Prometheus

Oliver, Slade and Nyssa tracking Talia

Slade with Oliver and Nyssa on their hunt for Talia al Ghul.

In May 2017, Slade was recruited by Oliver to face Prometheus and his team. As Oliver arrived, Slade expressed his gratification for the former's return.[4] Slade expressed that the mental side effects of the Mirakuru were completely gone and he was back in his right mind, expressing guilt over his vendetta against Oliver. Oliver offered Slade information on his son Joe's whereabouts in exchange for help freeing Oliver's friends and son. Slade donned his Deathstroke armor and set out with his Oliver and Harkness, who Oliver also freed, to find and rescue Oliver's friends.

It's unknown if the prison remains intact following the explosion.

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Former inmates



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