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"Oh. I see. You’re on your way out. You've got a few hours left to live, and you need Kate to tap back in because God forbid the bat-ears go unoccupied for five minutes!"
Alice to Batwoman

"Survived Much Worse" is the eighth episode of the second season of Batwoman, and the twenty-eighth episode overall. It aired on March 21, 2021.



Ryan and Alice exclusively compose journal sections to Kate — Ryan stressing that she will bite the dust soon, and Alice intending to murder her for vengeance. Ryan informs Mary concerning her arrangements to go to Coryana, slaughter Alice, and get the Desert Rose.

Luke furnishes Sophie with the following data for Alice's area, which assists her with understanding that he's working with Batwoman. Both of them then, at that point discover that Alice faked Ocean's passing to get Kate back, and Sophie consents to make a trip to Coryana and get the Desert Rose for Batwoman. Sophie and Jacob are grabbed by the Many Arms of Death, which causes Ryan to choose to infuse herself with adrenaline to invigorate her enough Coryana — regardless of whether it facilitates her passing simultaneously. Ryan gets ready, and Luke gives her innovation to briefly take out the force on Coryana. Ryan then, at that point questions what befalls the Batwoman mantle in the event that she discovers Kate, and discloses to Mary that in the event that she passes on, she's confiding in her to deal with her plant. Luke gets Ryan a trip to Coryana on a mail transporter plane, which prompts different jokes about a Batplane, Batsub, and even shark repellent. Ryan additionally uncovers that she's never been on a plane, however she figures out how to effectively radiance hop down to Coryana's surface, all while enacting the EMPs to debilitate the power — and, unintentionally, the comms in the Batsuit. Ryan is then caught by a lot of Safiyah's thugs.

Alice brings Ocean's body to Safiyah, who reveals to Alice that she had a tracker with the rest of her personal effects. In the mean time, Jacob and Sophie are held hostage by Tatiana, and Tatiana reveals to Sophie that Safiyah needs her to join the Many Arms of Death, since she contends that it and the Crows are both similarly hazardous. The power in Sophie and Jacob's limitations goes off, and they get the high ground and departure. Safiyah recommends that Alice's craving to execute Kate is established in something other than retribution, however Alice won't alter her perspective. The thugs show up with Ryan, who specifies that Ocean's carcass is a phony, and Safiyah secures both Ryan and Alice, where Alice understands that Batwoman is kicking the bucket and set the tracker on her. Ryan contends that Alice would truly not like to murder Kate, she simply needs her back, and she additionally comprehends that Alice is likewise a casualty of the conditions that have encircled her. Safiyah appears and offers Alice and Batwoman their individual objectives — the Desert Rose for Ryan, and Kate for Alice. The solitary proviso is that Safiyah will possibly offer Kate to Alice in the event that she executes Ocean no doubt, and she at last does — yet to save Kate, not murder her. Safiyah then, at that point carries Alice to Kate — however tracks down an unfilled room loaded up with reproductions of Kate's accessory, in light of the fact that Safiyah was lying the whole time.

In the mean time, Tatiana looks after Batwoman, and uncovers she'll just bring her a Desert Rose after Safiyah is finished with Alice.

Back in Gotham, Luke and Mary are assaulted by one of the Many Arms of Death, and the resulting battle coincidentally harms Ryan's plant and blends it in with the professional killer's blood. As they escape, Julia unexpectedly returns and helps totally execute the professional killer. Julia then, at that point tells Luke and Mary that they've completely discovered Kate's remaining parts cleaned up outside of Bludhaven, and she is conclusively dead.

Afterward, Safiyah and Tatiana resuscitate Ocean — who really didn't bite the dust, in light of the fact that the sharp edge Alice wounded him with was hit with the Desert Rose. Safiyah then, at that point blames Tatiana for coordinating Alice's re-visitation of Coryana — executing the Wonderland group, sending the pernicious notes, and so on — and wounds her.

As Alice is removed by Safiyah's hooligans, she sets the yields of Desert Rose on fire. Simultaneously, Sophie discovers Batwoman, who affirms to her that Kate never was on Coryana. Sophie attempts to assist Batwoman with support Gotham, however Ryan contends that she isn't sufficient, and requests that she be close by while she kicks the bucket. Sophie gets a call from Mary and Luke, who understand that they really have a fix — a Desert Rose, which blossomed from Ryan's plant.



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