Susan Brayden[1] is the president of the United States, and the former vice president; prior to the death of her predecessor.


After the death of her predecessor, vice president Susan was sworn in as president of the United States. Having saved Earth from the Dominators, the president thanked a coalition of heroes, expressing the world's great debt towards them.[2] Later, Kara Danvers informed Susan of Smith's attempt to murder Team Arrow, Team Flash and the Legends respectively (off-screen) Susan reassigned Smith to Antarctica as punishment for conducting an unauthorized operation without her consent.

Sometime later, when attempting to transfer John Diggle to his possession from Iron Heights Prison, Lt. General J.G. Walker promised Adrian Chase that he would return with a signed warrant from the president. In response, Chase said that he couldn't wait, and that he'd always wanted her autograph.[3]


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DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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Behind the scenes

  • The character of the new president was originally intended to be the Earth One doppelgänger of Earth Thirty-Eight's Olivia Marsdin, who had stepped in to the role from her previous role as vice president, but the idea was scrapped for simplicity's sake.[1]
  • Given the timing of the death of her predecessor, it's possible that if he was recently re-elected, then she became both president and president-elect, as per the real-life American Constitution.


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