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Susan Stevens is a parole officer in Gotham City.


Ryan Wilder's parole officer

Susan became the parole officer of Ryan Wilder following her release from prison. During one of their sessions, Ryan alluded to finding something new, to which she asked if it was a new job or residence. Ryan stated that it wasn't either and didn't go into detail regarding what she meant.

Susan felt that Ryan should be applying her time to being productive, disappointed that Ryan had not even paid her court fees since release. Susan then listened patiently as Ryan listed how opportunity evaded her because her false imprisonment had created a circle of difficulties.[1]

Susan's patience with Ryan started to wane as Ryan was almost late for her appointment. After the appointment, Susan called Mary Hamilton to verify if Ryan was employed at The Hold Up. Later, Susan went there to see for herself.

Days later, when Ryan had an appointment, Susan showed her the front page article of the "Gotham City Gazette" where there was a new Batwoman, causing Susan to be very excited that there was a symbol for hope in Gotham City. Susan also told Ryan to find a better living situation by the next appointment.[2]

Learning Ryan's secret identity

After Ryan was arrested again on a drug charge, Susan reprimanded her and Ryan ended up revealing her identity as the new Batwoman. When men entered the room to kill them, Ryan defeated them while Susan hid. Later, Susan releases Ryan from parole.[3][4]



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