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"You had me fooled, Danvers. I thought you were a soldier. But then I find this out. All the lies you must have told. You have undermined everything that we stand for, all to protect your own sister. Supergirl."
Lauren Haley to Alex Danvers

"Suspicious Minds" is the tenth and midseason premiere episode of the fourth season of Supergirl, and the seventy-fifth episode overall. It aired on January 20, 2019.




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"Suspicious Minds" begins with Kara's doppelganger proceeding with her preparation in Kaznia.

In National City, Kara and is in a turn class with Lena and the two discussion about the last's youngster relationship with James Olsen. Kara catches a trouble call and professes to be harmed to escape class and help out.

She shows up and finds a gathering of officers thumped oblivious on a freightliner. After some examination, she unearths an improvised bomb, to which so tosses noticeable all around just for it to detonate.

She's questioning Colonel Haley, who hails Kara for showing up on the scene to assist despite the fact that she's been terminated from the DEO. Kara takes off, revealing to Haley that she's never going to quit being a legend.

It's uncovered J'onn has begun his own private examination business and Brainy visits him to perceive how his business is going. Brainy says he needs to employ J'onn to utilize his administrations to assist Kara. J'onn won't take Brainy's cash and offers to assist free, ought to Kara inquire.

At the DEO, Haley is venting her disappointments of Kara to Alex, who's conversing with her sister through instant message. Haley advises Alex that she's going to start cross examining Agent Wolfe with an end goal to take Supergirl's actual personality.

Alex assembles a mystery conference with the entirety of the specialists at the DEO who know Supergirl's mystery character. The gathering of specialists consent to agree with Alex and do anything in their capacity to not uncover who Supergirl is to Colonel Haley.

Alex discovers that the Navy SEAL taken to the DEO after the assault prior in the day has abruptly vanished from DEO offices. Brainy uncovers that there's no record of the patient at all. The senior Danvers goes to talk with her sister and educates her that Haley is doing whatever she can do to reveal the mystery character of Supergirl.

Lena strolls into James' office trying to talk with him about their relationship. She advises him that she's currently ready to tune in and urges to uncover anything that's at the forefront of his thoughts. James uncovers that he presently comprehends making the hard decisions that Lena has needed to made. Lena's soothed to locate that out and the two kiss.

Brainy gets down on Nia to get some information about a date. Sincerely busy creation plans, Colonel Haley barges in on and demands Brainy's quality in a scrutinizing meeting.

Kara goes to visit J'onn at his new office, where she questions him on the boat assault. Together, the two investigate J'onn's old documents and discover that the administration is concealing the assault, out of the blue. They accomplish all the more uncovering and find that Colonel Haley is some way or another associated with the strategic boat was on.

Kara calls Alex to educate her and the two go with J'onn to address General Tan, one of those blamed for concealing it. There, they discover the administration unearthed another types of outsiders called moirai. With the outsider's shrouding capacity, the administration chose to attempt to prepare them as professional killers.

As they're discussing it, the gathering is assaulted by two moirai. J'onn and Tan lead one of them on a pursuit while the other is halted by Kara and Alex. After Kara advises the outsider they need to bring them into the DEO for supervision, the moirai slaughters itself. Tan winds up being slaughtered.

Alex comes back to the DEO to defy Haley about her concealment on Project Moirai. Alex is incensed that the outsider slaughtered itself at the notice of Haley's name. Haley brushes Alex off and arranges her to set up the DEO for an ambush from the rest of the Moirai.

Brainy and Nia go out for supper and as the two visit, Brainy requests that her assistance Kara out with her super powers. Nia makes reference to that she's uncertain about whether or not she will be a piece of a super group. After Brainy reveals to her a fast story, he gives Nia a fastener brimming with ensemble thoughts and code name prospects.

Soon thereafter, James and Lena are chipping away at preparing supper when Lena divulges her most recent science venture. She uncovers that she was attempting to discover a remedy for disease however rather, discovered an approach to give individuals super powers. James discloses to her he bolsters her logical endeavors.

At the DEO, the gathering gets ready for an approaching ambush by from the moirai. Against Alex's desires, Colonel Haley arranges the DEO specialists to utilize deadly power when the outsiders show up.

Disappointed, Alex considers her sister and discloses to her that she anticipates leaving the DEO in light of the fact that she can't work close by her new predominant. When Alex goes to stand up to Haley, we discover that one of the specialists buckled and revealed to her Supergirl's genuine personality. Similarly as Haley uncovers the news, the DEO's cautions start going off flagging the appearance of the moirai.

The force stop and Brainy's laser pillar matrix vanishes. One of the morai can get in and begin assaulting the operators while the other is shot to death. The alive moirai starts hauling Haley away however Kara flies in to save her boss.

After Kara detains the moirai, Haley educates Kara that her open life is currently dead. Haley is clarifying how Kara is presently a specialist of the administration and must do whatever she says when Alex ventures up and takes her supervisor out with a punch.

Kara and Alex detain a took out Haley in one of the cells. They call J'onn to the DEO and request that he wipe her brain. Albeit reluctant from the start, J'onn consents to wipe Haley's psyche of anything to do with Supergirl.

The following day, Brainy notification that the DEO is utilizing truth-chasing outsiders in their cross examination procedures. Acknowledging they can't prevent Haley from at last discovering except if everybody's brain is cleaned. Brainy uncovers that except if Alex's psyche is cleaned as well, there's 100% conviction Haley will in the end discover. In spite of Kara's complaints, Alex chooses to go ahead with the cognitive decline process.

Incapable to watch, Kara stomps out of J'onn's office and J'onn wipes the psyches of all DEO specialists that know about Supergirl's actual personality.




  • The episode was previously titled "Secrets and Lies".[1]
  • The episode title refers to the song "Suspicious Minds", written and originally recorded by Mark James in 1968, and popularized by Elvis Presley a year later. The song was previously referenced in "Schott Through the Heart" when M'yrnn J'onzz sings it during karaoke night.
  • The name on J’onn J’onzz’s private investigation office door reads John Jones
  • During the scene where Alex and Kara discuss the former having her memory erased, Kara makes a reference to "Elseworlds, Part 3"​ when she mentions "living on a world where Alex didn't know who Kara was".
    • Kara also refers to the overall events of Elseworlds by mentioning having spoken to Clark recently.
  • Lena mentioned a "penicillin moment". Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by accident, or serendipity, when he got back from vacation and realized that there was mold growing on unwashed laboratory equipment. Penicillin is an antibiotic and is used to treat bacterial infections, as opposed to viral infections (viruses are a lot smaller and tend to have the ability to hijack "cellular machinery" to reproduce uncontrollably).
  • When Martian Manhunter first appeared in DC's Detective Comics #225 in 1955, the "Manhunter" part of his name was attributed to the fact that in his secret identity as John Jones, he was a registered Private Detective, hence Manhunter. This is the first official time on the series he has reprised that position.
  • When Brainy realizes one of the Morae is directly behind him he utters, "Oh, Sprock". This was a common curse word used in the 1990's reimagining of DC's comic The Legion of Superheroes.


  • There were likely more agents who knew Kara was Supergirl since she's been to the D.E.O. as a civilian multiple times.
  • Col. Haley repeatedly treats the DEO as if it were a branch of the military. Even if POTUS Baker has placed the agency under the review of Col. Haley, DEO agents would not be subject to court martial or articles of the UCMJ.


  • Really Gone, performed by CHVRCHES.[2]