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"Swan Thong" is the fourteenth and final episode of the fifth season of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and the eighty-second episode overall. It aired on June 2, 2020.




Charlie heads to the Loom Temple of Fate.

After the Legends have managed to escape, Charlie makes her way to the Loom Temple of Fate where she sees people are beginning to rebel. She joins her sisters on their thrones as they prepare to meet their people. The Legends have split into two teams: Mick Rory, Ava Sharpe, Zari Tomaz and Nate Heywood attempt to find the Waverider while Sara Lance, Zari Tarazi, John Constantine, Behrad Tarazi and Astra Logue are sent to the temple to find and destroy the Loom of Fate. Tomaz warns the other team not to destroy the Loom until they can find the Waverider to secure their exit. At the temple, the Legends make a deal with a group of people to give them an autograph in exchange for their clothes so they can blend in. The first team encounters Mona Wu and Gary Green who suggests that the Waverider is in the Forbidden Dump, a place where the Fates send contraband items. The two of them help bring them to the dump but must leave themselves, so as not to draw suspicion. The team proceeds to scour the dump for the Waverider.

Loom of Fate

The Loom of Fate.

At the temple, the second team has managed to overpower the guards of the Loom of Fate. In the throne room, people queue up to meet with the Fates to make requests. One woman asks for her shows to be returned, causing Lachesis to be suspicious. She realizes the Legends are free and in the temple upon seeing the group of fans who wear their clothes, and sends Atropos to kill them. Charlie tells Lachesis that the Legends are her friends, and defends them when Lachesis says they cause chaos, pointing out that the Encores aren't their fault of the Legends but they still spent the entire year dealing with them. Lachesis tells her while that is true, the Encores are Charlie's fault for breaking the Loom of Fate and granting free will. She asks Charlie if she would prefer humans have a lifetime of choices or peace, and Charlie meekly submits to her sister. The second team has found the Loom of Fate and after admiring its beauty, Sara tells them to destroy it.


The Fatewatch.

Sara contacts the first team to see if they have found the Waverider. Nate questions if they could even find the Waverider in the large dump, before they stumble upon it. Mick tells them that now that he has helped them find the Waverider, he is going to look for Lita. At the temple, Constantine tells Astra that a considerable well of magic is required to conduct a spell to destroy the Loom of Fate. Astra is unsure how she can help, but Constantine tells her that her mother was a natural conduit of magic, something she inherited. On the Waverider, it is discovered that the Fates have removed Gideon, making it impossible to fly the ship without a superconductor. Tomaz suggests using Nate's steel form as a superconductor to his horror, but her suggestion works and the Waverider takes off. Zari tells Sara that Atropos appears to be missing, just as she appears behind Sara with a knife. The two begin to battle, with Sara using her gift of foresight to secure an advantage. At the Loom, Constantine tells Astra to channel her mother by remembering the last time she saw her. Astra sees her mother singing a song for her and she is able to channel Natalie's energy for Constantine to use. However, Astra's memory of Natalie changes to Lachesis and she is no longer able to channel Natalie, causing the spell to fail. Meanwhile, Atropos tells Sara that she is the source of Sara's power, and manages to get the upper hand. Sara tells her that she considers the Legends to be her source of power, as Behrad and Zari arrive to use the Air Totem to blast Atropos into the Loom of Fate. Still able to access the power of Atropos, Sara draws out Atropos life thread and connects it to the Loom, the resulting reaction killing Atropos and seemingly destroying the Loom. In the throne room, the Fates sense the death of Atropos as Lachesis asks Charlie what she has done. The Legends escape in the Waverider and manage to perform a time jump before crashing into the Forbidden Dump. After landing, Sara realizes that she can see again and that she has lost her power of foresight. Constantine explains that since Atropos death must have returned Sara to normal. As they exit the Waverider, the world appears to be normal and a newspaper tells them that they are a few months in the future. To their horror, people are still depending on the Fates for their decision, but this time they are able to receive orders through their smartwatch. A commercial of Lachesis promoting the Fatewatch plays, which promises to connect people to the Loom.

The History Museum

The Legends break into the History Museum.

Later that night, the Legends break into the Loom Temple, which is now a history museum, to discover how the Fates managed to repair the Loom and place it into a smartwatch. They discover that the history museum is full of propaganda, such as the "hall of bad ideas". In the hall are numerous items that the Fates deem to be terrible, including " The Thong Song", which Nate insists to Ava is a spring break classic. On the Waverider, Behrad is helping Tomaz repair the Waverider when he collapses after having visions of his death from another timeline. Tomaz tells him what his visions are, and that in the alternate timeline, she spent everyday after his death trying to resurrect him. Mick boards the Waverider and yells at Zari that the Legends left him behind, before being calmed by Lita. She tells Zari that it has been four months since the Loom was destroyed. Mona and Gary also arrive, and they inform her that people panicked after the Loom was destroyed, as they began to have memories of their previous life. In the history museum, the Legends discover a hall of villains where they are listed as Godkillers, and the second greatest villains of all time. Ava wonders who is considered the greatest villain, and they find Charlie, who is also dependent on the Fatewatch and begs the Legends to leave. Constantine renders her unconscious and they bring her back to the Waverider, where she panics after awaking without her watch. She tells them that she never should have broken the Loom and that all of human misery is her fault. Ava realizes that Charlie had to spend months with no one but Lachesis and has been brainwashed. Charlie tells them there was chaos when they destroyed the Loom, but Lachesis managed to repair it and restore peace. In the Library, Astra tells Constantine that she was taught by Lachesis in hell to let go of any emotions, and she had to forget her memories of Natalie. Constantine assures her that she is her mother's daughter, but she asks if she is the daughter of Natalie or Lachesis.

Gideon running Fate protocol

Gideon running Fate protocol.

The Legends attempt to convince Charlie on the merits of free will but she repeatedly points out how the merits they mentioned also led to several disasters. Sara and Ava tell her that without free will, the two of them would never have ended up in a relationship. They also point out that everyone had chaotic beginnings which led them to join the Legends and become a family. Charlie says humans have made many mistakes because of freewill, but Sara insists that mistakes may just be destiny. In the lab, Tomaz manages to use the Fatewatch to create a device to trace its signal. They head to where the Loom could be held, as Behrad finds a mysterious bullet hole scar on his chest. They discover that the Loom is in fact just Gideon, running a "Fate protocol". Sara realizes that they succeeded in destroying the Loom previously, shutting done the network is all they need to do to stop Lachesis. Charlie scoffs that the Legends have no regard for the panic they would wreak when Astra enters and tell them they need to expose Lachesis is a fraud so she can no longer control anyone. They tell Charlie that she is the only one who can stop Lachesis, but Charlie refuses to help them.

The next morning, Lachesis provides a tour of the History museum, blaming Charlie for the various evils and chaos that villains of history, and the Legends, have caused. She introduces Charlie as the greatest villain, but it is actually Astra in disguise. Lachesis asks where Charlie is, but Astra ignores her question and wonders if Lachesis only took her in to replace her sister. Astra dares Lachesis to use her power as a Fate to strike her down, knowing Lachesis is unable to. The Legends are revealed to be in disguise as their own wax models and tells everyone that Astra is telling the truth, that Lachesis is a fraud. They tell the people not to listen to Lachesis and she agrees with them, asking them to obey the Loom. However, the Zaris have managed to shutdown Gideon, preventing any orders from being sent to the Fatewatches. Lachesis uses the soul tokens in her possession to turn the other villain exhibits in the hall into real Encores, who advance on the Legends while she escapes. The Legends prepare to fight them, with Nate playing the "Thong Song" while they battle. In spite of their efforts, the Encores cannot be killed as the Legends have no hell weapons to use. On the Waverider, Lita talks to Charlie about how her own existence was from chaos, but now she has a father she loves. She manages to convince Charlie that life is beautiful because of the chaos. Charlie arrives at the museum with hell weapons, and the Legends are able to destroy the Encores. Charlie wishes Sara luck and goes to confront Lachesis, who is attempting to reboot the Fate protocol. As Charlie confronts her, Lachesis reveals that she and Charlie are now mortal. Charlie tells her that she forgives for Lachesis for how she was treated, and advises her not to waste her remaining years trying to control the world.

On the Waverider, Behrad has managed to reinstall Gideon. As Behrad bonds with both versions of his sisters, blood begins to spread across his chest as he cries out in pain. Tomaz realizes that her presence is causing a temporal disturbance, causing Behrad to sync with a timeline where he was shot and killed. The only way to save Behrad's life is for her to return to the totem. Tomaz gives Nate and the Legends an emotional goodbye and reenters the totem. To celebrate their victory over the Fates, the Legends go to see Charlie perform with her band who have been resurrected. Astra tells Constantine she plans to try living on Earth, and gives him his soul token back in exchange for letting her stay at his house. After the show, Charlie tells them she has decided to leave the Legends and live a normal life. They have a group hug to say goodbye, as Charlie tells them to enjoy their vacation after saving the world again. As they turn to leave, Sara is abducted by a spaceship without the Legends realizing.



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Preparation ran from January 8 until January 16, 2020. Shooting ran from January 17 until January 29, 2020.[1]


  • This is the last episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow to feature Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Charlie) and Courtney Ford (Nora Darhk) as series regulars.
    • This is also the last episode to feature Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Ramona Young as they don't return for the rest of the series
  • It's unknown how the Legends explained all the people killed by Atropos suddenly being missing when everyone's memories of Earth-Prime as normal came back.
  • As of this episode, the only remaining Legends from any episode before "Hey, World!" are Mick, Gideon, Nate, and Constantine.
  • Giving a nod and a word on play, to the 1968 Oliver movie, "Please sir, can I have some more?" only the person says "more blue mush".
  • The episode's title is a play on the term "swan song" and the Sisqó song "Thong Song", which plays in The History Museum, as sung by a figure of the artist, during the Legends' fight with the Encores.
  • This is the second time where a episode title is named after a popular song since the Season 3 episode "Return of the Mack" in which in both episodes those songs are played while the Legends are doing battle with Damien Darhk and his minions and the Encores respectively.
    • In both of episodes, Nate seems to be the only Legend on the team to know both songs in which he sang the songs for a brief moment in both instances moments before the soundtrack of the songs are heard playing while doing battle.
      • The difference in both instances the singer for the song in "Return of the Mack" doesn't appear in that episode while the singer Sisqó appears in this episode as a animatronic puppet to sing the song "Thong Song".
  • The mission the Legends were on in "Here I Go Again" in ABBA costumes is referenced when Charlie mentions Napoleon at some point attempted to kill the Legends for some reason involving ABBA.
  • Sara references Mick being a bounty hunter which took place in the Season 1 episode "Left Behind", where he became a bounty hunter known as Chronos by the Time Masters after being abandoned by Leonard Snart.
  • The Hall of Villains in The History Museum is quite similar to The Flash Museum's Hall of Villains, where most of the Flash's villains are put on display and also presents information about their history with The Flash. In this episode there's minor information about the Encores and the Legends in the museum.
    • The format of this Hall of Villains resembles that of the Museum of Human Misery in NBC's The Good Place in that they both consist of lifelike statues of condemned individuals that activate and mock said individuals at the press of a button.
  • Zari Tomaz and Nate wear the same outfits while saying goodbye as the ones they wore in the season 3 episode "Here I Go Again".
  • When trying to convince Charlie that free will is important, Mona uses the film, Mama Mia II: Here I Go Again as an example.
  • The scene where Zari Tomaz disappears and returns to the Air Totem is quite similar to what happened to Nora West-Allen in the Season 5 finale episode "Legacy" in that both of them had to disappear due to timeline changes. Zari goes back inside the Totem to save her brother Behrad from being killed by a timeline anomaly in which he was killed by A.R.G.U.S. agents in an erased future, while Nora was erased from existence due to Barry destroying Cicada's dagger.
  • This is the last episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow to feature Adam Tsekhman (Gary Green) and Shayan Sobhian (Behrad Tarazi) as guest stars, as they as series regulars for the rest of the series.