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"I'm gonna shrink you down to the subatomic level, boy."
—Dwarfstar to Harry Wells[src]

Sylbert "Bert" Rundine (died early 2018), nicknamed Dwarfstar by Cisco Ramon, was a meta-human who has the powers to shrink objects.


Early life

In 2003, Sylbert Rundine was robbing Mercury Labs when a security guard arrived on the scene. Rundine proceeded to shoot and kill him, with David Ratchet being convicted for the crime due both him being on the scene and Rundine's then current physique being very similar to his.[1]

Gaining powers

Years later, on October 10, 2017, Rundine was one of the 12 individuals on the bus that was exposed to the dark matter unleashed from Barry's exit from the Speed Force prison. The dark matter combined with the shipment of Dwarf star alloy he had just stolen from Palmer Technologies, gifting him the ability to shrink and enlarge objects and people. For the next two months, he proceeded to use this ability to steal whatever he fancied such as cars, military vehicles, and even a Kord Industries research building by miniaturizing them and adding them to the collection he kept in his living room, disguised as simple models.[1]

Encountering Team Flash

After knowing he was their guy. Joe along with Vibe and Elongated Man went to his apartment under the pretenses of asking him if he noticed any suspicious characters when the building was stolen. Cisco noticed all other things he had stolen and remarked on their uncanny resemblance to the real life models which caused Rundine to become suspicious of them and parachuting out of his place down to an alley way. Cisco vibed everyone down and Rundine shrunk Joe's car, Ralph, and Cisco. After tricking Rundine later that night to return them to normal size, he's taken to Iron Heights Prison and placed in the meta-human ward refusing a plea deal from Cecile Horton to admit to that he killed someone back in 2003 in which an innocent man was convicted of his crime.[1]


After being sold by the warden and bought by Amunet who bought four other metas. The group escaped after Barry got the supplies they needed and went underground into an old, unused prison wing that was buried underneath the new Meta Imprisonment wing. When he is asked what he plans to do with his second chance at life, Rundine replies mostly the same thing to which Barry warns "the Flash will just run you back to prison". After getting through to the other side of freedom Wolfe and his men are there and outs Barry as the Flash. Despite not encountering him as the Flash personally Rundine along with the others excluding Becky agreed to kill him, while Becky protected him with her luck-bending powers, keeping the others from harming Barry. The Thinker then arrived and attacked all of the meta humans, except Barry, absorbing their powers and leaving them dead, while taking over Becky's body and killing Wolfe.[2]


Rundine is seen as a hardened criminal with no remorse admitting he laughed when he the news that another man got imprisoned for his crime of murdering an unarmed man. He joked that Joe, Harry, Cisco and Ralph should call a priest if they wanted him to confess.[1]

Powers and abilities


"His powers... work by not just... removing the space between atoms, but also taking out the gravity particles and the dark energy, so that when he embiggens an object..."
"He's refilling it with the same combination of energy he extracted."
Harry Wells and Cisco Ramon[src]
  • Meta-human physiology: Sylbert was struck by dark matter energy after the Flash was released from the Speed Force, this altered his DNA and cells, enabling him to access his newfound powers.
    • Size alteration: Exposure to dark matter and dwarf star alloy gave Sylbert the ability to alter the size of both animate and inanimate objects by manipulating the space between their atomic bonds, and the dark matter within the target in the case of meta-humans.
      • Shrinking: By removing space, Sylbert can shrink things to pocket-size, with the side-effects of Cisco and Ralph's shrinking showing that the process also shrinks the amount of dark matter within their cells, proportionately reducing the strength of their powers.
        • Mass offset: When Rundine shrinks an object, he also offsets most of the mass in the object to make it light enough to pick up and store in his pocket; even objects as massive as a building.
      • Enlarging: On the opposite end of the scale, Sylbert is also able to replace what he took from an object, restoring them (and in the case of meta-humans, the strength of their powers) to normal size. Whether he can enlarge people and things that were already full-sized is unknown.


  • Expert thief: Rundine was skilled enough to steal items in secure facilities and in broad daylight without anyone noticing him.
  • Skilled marksman/Firearms: Rundine is proficient in the use of firearms. He was able to use a gun to shoot and kill a security guard.

Former abilities

"15 years ago, I was a bit of a gym rat."
—Bert Rundine to Joe West[src]
  • Peak of physical human condition: In 2003, Rundine spent a lot of his time working out in a gym, allowing his body to be in peak physical condition. He had a size and frame comparable to that of David Ratchet. In the years that followed, it appears that his physique was greatly reduced.


  • B.O.O.T.: Designed by Cisco Ramon, this meta-human capture device is capable of incapacitating Sylbert.


The Flash

Season 4

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Sylbert Rundine was a psychotic serial killer who stalked the dormitories of his school, Ivy University, in search of victims. Upon acquiring a Bio-Belt similar to that worn by Professor Ryan Choi, he became the psychotic super-villain Dwarfstar.
    • Unlike in the comics, Rundine in the show is a meta-human.
  • Due to Janet Petty, another of DeVoe's victims, being listed as alive in Cisco's Who's Who? Binder, Rundine's Post-Crisis status is currently unknown.