"You will know strength, be strength, and believe me, it's so much fun."
—Syonide to Khalil Payne[src]

Syonide, also referred as "Sy", (1990-2018) was the enforcer and surrogate daughter of Tobias Whale and a member of his criminal organization, The 100. She was killed by Kara Fowdy after attempting to bring her in for Tobias.


Early life

Syonide was born in 1990.[1] When she was an infant, she was found in a dumpster, with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. When she was 8, she was pulled out of an orphanage by Tobias Whale; she was clothed and fed by him, and trained to become an assassin. When she was fully grown, Tobias had carbon-fiber body armor implanted in her skin.[2]

The return of Black Lightning

Syonide was watching a news report regarding the possible return of Black Lightning, and informed Tobias who was occupied feeding an underling to carnivorous fish. After Lala attempted to escape Freeland, Syonide and Joey Toledo stopped him in his tracks, pointing guns at him and taking him to Tobias Whale. They watched on as Tobias punished Lala for his incompetence.[3] Some days later, Tobias punished him again as Syonide watched, putting a gag on his face. Three days later, Syonide accompanied Tobias into the Freeland Police Department, watching him kill Lala before he could rat him out.[4]

Syonide and Tobias at Blackbird Funeral Parlor.

Following the death of Lawanda White, a number of Freeland citizens organized a march on The 100. While Tobias organized a hitman to kill the leader, Reverend Jeremiah Holt, he was stopped by Black Lightning, forcing Syonide, as backup, to shoot him from a distance, also hitting Khalil Payne.[5] Sometime later, Syonide visited Peter Gambi with Tobias, where he attempted to learn the identity of Black Lightning, to no avail.[6] Days later, Syonide watched bemusingly as Tobias choked Joey Toledo for having failed to take out Black Lightning. She received a message, assuring that Tori's protection team had checked in. A few days later, Syonide accompanied Tobias and Toledo to the former's doctor's appointment. Later that night, Syonide also rode with Tobias and Khalil, assuring Khalil that he would walk again despite being paralyzed.[7]

Tobias had Syonide set up a meeting with Lady Eve and her people. Syonide later accompanied Tobias and his crew to a club opening, where they encountered a vengeful Black Lightning. She attempted to help Tori escape, before drawing a gun on the vigilante. She soon escaped, albeit without Tori, who was killed in the crossfire.[8]

Tobias, Khalil and Syonide breach the A.S.A. headquarters.

Tobias Whale orders Syonide and Khalil to attack Garfield High School in an effort to attract the Black Lightning. Black Lightning and Thunder respond to the challenge, and Tobias joins the fight. Thunder faces Syonide. During the battle, she manages to cut off Syonide's left arm, revealing some kind of green thing under the wound.[9] Later, Tobias, Syonide, and Khalil attack the A.S.A. although Proctor is able to escape. Afterwards, they return to Tobias headquarters.[2]


Syonide is killed by Kara.

Tobias sent Syonide to bring Kara Fowdy to him so he could question her about Martin Proctor's briefcase. Kara refused to go with her as she was trying to leave town, resulting in a fight. After a gun battle that left their weapons empty, Syonide and Kara faced off with hand weapons – twin batons for Syonide, and high-heels with blades in for Kara. Syonide knocked Kara down, but Kara threw one of her shoes at Syonide. The blade struck her in the neck, causing a fatal wound.[10]


Syonide was the last thing Tobias cared about after his sister died, so he shot Kara in retaliation, who died shortly afterwards.[11]

Upon seeing Tobias Whale with Red and Val Seong, Jefferson Pierce told Tobias that they were replacements for Joey Toledo and Syonide, respectively.[12]

Powers and abilities


"When she was fully grown, he had carbon-fiber body armor implanted under her skin."
Peter Gambi to Jennifer Pierce[src]


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a trained assassin, Syonide was in top physical condition, able to withstand getting knocked to the floor by Anissa Pierce.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Syonide has shown to be extremely proficient in close quarters combat, as shown when she fought Anissa Pierce. While the latter used her powers, she managed to make use of Anissa's moments in between using her powers and bring her down temporarily.


Black Lightning

Behind the scenes


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