Szrek Chemicals is a chemical manufacturing company with multiple facilities located in the United States.


Szrek Chemicals has 3 chemical plants in Central City and Keystone, 14 chemical plants in the Midwest alone, and presumably several more located all around the United States.[1]


In 2016, Orlin Dwyer started working at a Szrek Chemicals site in Central City.[2]

When Ralph Dibny discovered traces of dimethyl sulfate in Cicada's mask and found out that Szrek Chemicals uses the substance in most of their products, the he and Harrison Sherloque Wells went to a Szrek Chemicals site in Central City. Ralph asked an employee about the mask, only to learn that all the employees in all Szrek Chemicals facilities wear the same kind of mask, and that they're not the only facility who uses them. Ralph and Sherloque then left, though not before Orlin spotted them.[1]

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