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"There are times the world is scary,
Times the world is bad,
But when your godmother's a fairy
There's no reason to be sad.
—Fairy Godmother's song[src]

Tabitha (died 2019), formerly known as the Fairy Godmother, was a witch who was cursed with the power of wish bestowal. She served various humans before eventually being banished to Mallus's realm. After Mallus was freed and his escape opened the door for other mystical beings banished to his realm, she became a magical fugitive hiding in Salem, Massachusetts during the Witch Trials, intent on bringing vengeance upon humans, but she was sent to Hell by John Constantine. In an aberration timeline, she became the new Captain Cold.[1] She was later freed by her lover, the demon Neron.[2] She tricked Nora Darhk into taking the wand, relieving her from her curse and duties as a Fairy Godmother. During the final battle against the Legends, she was finally eaten by Wickstable, Zari Tomaz's dragon.[3]


Wishes and banishment

Tabitha's original role was to grant wishes to various children she had a contract with. Her power was dependent on the contract she had with her "godchild": although she could influence their opinion, she could not wield power without a wish from the "godchild". She had little love for her "pets", as vain girls often asked her for petty trinkets, such as shoes of glass, instead of something worthwhile. At some point, she became romantically involved with Neron.[2] Eventually, humans banished her to Mallus's realm, a "dreadful dimension" in which she and many other mystical beings were trapped.[4]

Freedom and damnation

The Legends meet Tabitha.

After the Legends allowed Mallus to enter Earth-1 to destroy him, his escape prompted the release of other mystical creatures banished inside his realm. This accelerated the rate of Rising Darkness, prompting John Constantine to look into the case of mystical "fugitives", joining the time traveling team of Legends. As Mallus was a "time god", his prisoners ended up in various points of the timeline, with Tabitha turning up in Salem during the infamous witch trials. Thereupon she made a contract with the accused "witch's" daughter, Prudence. Angry at humans for banishing her into the Spirit Realm, she was eager to help the girl's revenge against the villagers, trying to seduce her into using the power of wishes to bring fire and brimstone upon the angry Puritans of Salem.

John Constantine wasn't able to banish the Fairy Godmother, as her spellcasting was much quicker, allowing her to overpower the Legends. She then stayed in the background, discussing her powers with Constantine and waiting for the moment to influence Prudence. When Prudence got restless, the Fairy Godmother appeared before her with a crystal ball, showing her Sara Lance's words about having to abandon the girl's mother in accordance with history. When John tried to stop Tabitha and Prudence from leaving the ship, he was silenced by the fairy's spell, sealing his mouth shut.

The fairy then marched towards the witch pyre together with Prudence, they stopped the whole crowd with magic and freed the girl's mother along with Zari, replacing them upon the pyre with the local reverend. Tabitha urged the girl to punish the Puritans of Salem for their deeds with fire and brimstone, but after Zari Tomaz and Sara Lance managed to convince Prudence to call off Tabitha and renounce her vengeance, the girl released her from their contract, allowing Constantine to incapacitate the mystical witch.

He then brought her to the forest and discussed Tabitha's fate, offering her a deal: either she enters a contract with him, or he sends her to Hell. Although she was scared of Hell, she chose to refuse John's offer, saying that she'd rather take on the forces of Hell than the being that is currently pursuing Constantine. She taunted him on being "far more damned than she is" before John opened a portal that siphoned her into Hell.[4]

Alternate timeline

Tabitha as Captain Cold.

Tabitha had different destinies in the alternate timelines caused by John Constantine. In the "Sirens of Space-Time" timeline she was the entity behind the murder of Mick Rory, Ray Palmer, and Nate Heywood, causing the surviving female members of the Legends to become much deadlier in their methods. In the "Puppets of Tomorrow" timeline she was captured by the Legends, but managed to make a pact with Mick Rory due to his conflicts with the rest of the team over being "Time Bureau puppets". Tabitha turned the team into literal puppets and granted Mick Rory various wishes, having him return to the life of crime as Heat-Wave, with her becoming his partner - another Captain Cold. Her fate was reverted after Constantine agreed to reset the timeline.[1]

Freed by Neron

The demon lord Neron, with a grudge against John Constantine, has felt wronged by his imprisonment of Tabitha in Hell, thinking that she did not deserve to be there. The reason for Tabitha's refusal of John Constantine's deal became apparent when it was revealed that she and Neron were once lovers. Requiring a human to create a portal to Hell which would allow him to bring Tabitha back, Neron possessed Ray Palmer, and then led Constantine on a wild goose chase through time. That allowed him to trap the Legends in the ice age and force Constantine to confront his ancestor, a Celtic sorcerer-king Konstentyn in 55 BC. When John tried telling Konstentyn that he was his kin and that a demonic threat was present (which they could banish together) the latter refused to believe his descendant, and decided to send him to Hell (along with a Pùca that Konstantyn also intended to banish to Hell) in a ritual at Stonehenge. While John managed to free himself and the captured magical creature, he failed to stop the vortex from opening. Deciding to search for the souls of Ray Palmer and Astra, Constantine willingly ventured into Hell once more, while Neron summoned Tabitha from the demonic dimension. The two reunited, sharing a kiss, and ventured to 2019, picking up Gary Green as the Fairy Godmother's new host.[2]

Becoming a witch again

After granting Gary several wishes including redecorating his office and making him captain of the Waverider she is unable to get him to harm the legends. The best she is able to do is cast mean wishes against them. At the same time she tricks Nora Darhk to take up the mantle as a fairy godmother to save the life of Mona Wu only for her to reveal that she can't save Mona because Gary didn't wish for her to.[5]


Wickstable and Tabitha

After a fight with the Legends, Tabitha took the dragon Wickstable to Heyworld and turned him into an adult dragon to scare people, but Zari managed to get him back on track, so he devoured Tabitha.[3]


"You got her mother thrown in the bloody clink. And what about that bloke who had his eyes pecked out of his skull, eh?"
"That man was a liar. They are all liars, and simple-minded pests like that must be taught a lesson!"
John Constantine and the Fairy Godmother[src]

Tabitha tried to appear generous and lovely, claiming that her only wish is to make the world a better place. However, she was in fact vindictive and disdainful of humans, calling them "pets" or even "pests". She despised the vanity of her previous charges, thinking them too greedy. Being banished by humans to Mallus's realm, she grew to hate humanity and wanted to take some bloody revenge.

Her own wish regarding Prudence was to convince the girl to become the instrument of her revenge against the humans, sending hellfire upon their heads. She was shocked when Constantine intended to send her to Hell, but refused to comply with his proposition of a pact, claiming that there was no helping John, as he was more damned than she, and that the being that was coming after him was far more terrible than Hell itself.[4]

Powers and abilities


Tabitha using Fairy Godmother's wand to perform magic.

  • Magic: Tabitha possesses impressive magical powers. Even John Constantine considered having a contract with her, in order to defeat the demon Neron.[4]
    • Telekinesis: She was able to grip Charlie's neck telekinetically.[5]
    • Enhanced physical condition: Tabitha has shown to have a degree of inhuman strength, allowing her to fight on par with and even briefly push back Sara.[3]
  • Multiversal awareness: She has knowledge of the different dimensions of the Multiverse.[citation needed]
  • Temporal awareness: She had knowledge of John Constantine and his troubles from the year 2018 despite being from a different time period.[4]
  • Longevity: Tabitha was able to survive 300 years in Hell, seemingly without aging. However, her elderly appearance indicates that she isn't actually immortal, merely aging exceptionally slowly.[4]
  • Magic via her staff: After being released from the Fairy Godmother's wand's curse, she gained her original appearance, along with her staff. It possesses magical capabilities.[3]
    • Biomatter control: With her staff, Tabitha was able to control beings such as a shapeshifter and even a dragon, although it's not very potent, as Wickstable was able to overcome it.
    • Transformation: With her staff, Tabitha was able to transform Wickstable into a full grown dragon (and after he devoured her, he was transformed back).
    • Power drainage: The staff is able to drain energy from strong emotions such as fear or love. It can be used to perform more advanced magical spells.

Former powers

  • Magic via Fairy Godmother's wand: With the Fairy Godmother's wand, Tabitha was able to perform impressive magical powers, along with its curse.[4]
    • Wish bestowal: Tabitha had the ability to grant the wishes of her charge.
    • Teleportation: She could appear or disappear in a swirl of light orbs.
    • Chlorokinesis: Tabitha uses her power to bind and constrict people with vines.
    • Animal manipulation: She could summon crows and control them to attack people.
    • Conjuration: She was able to create simple objects, such as a crystal ball, from thin air.
    • Spying: She could spy on another person using a reflective surface, like a crystal ball.
    • Transformation: Tabitha could transform humans into animals, like pigs.
    • Biokinesis: With a wand gesture, she was able to prevent John Constantine from speaking.
    • Telekinesis: With a hand gesture, she threw John Constantine away.
    • Apparition: She was able to teleport people from one location to another, as in the case of Jane Hawthorne, Zari, and Reverend Parsons.
    • Pyrokinesis: She could summon fire from the pit of Hell to burn the people from Salem.
    • Reality warping`: Tabitha was able to use some of her powers on the whim, like turning reality into a musical, similar to Music Meister.


  • Persuasion: Tabitha was cursed being a Fairy Godmother, thus wasn't able to perform magic on her own, relying on her charge's wishes to cast magic. To do what she wants, she needed to persuade her charge to ask for that wish.[4]
  • Singing: Tabitha is a capable singer.[4]
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Tabitha has some skills in close quarters combat, able to go toe to toe against Sara Lance twice, although she was ultimately bested in their first encounter she managed to briefly push her back in their second.[3]
  • Skilled bo staff fighter: She has also shown a degree in bo staff fighting.[3]


  • Higher beings: She feared to go against Neron, which she knew being much stronger and rathered to go to Hell instead.[4]
  • Dragons: She was devoured by the dragon Wickstable.[3]

Former weaknesses

  • Host dependence: Tabitha cannot use her powers on her own without the charge's consent.[4] If the charge breaks their bond she is completely powerless. If renounced by the host, she will be unable to use magic. Since giving the Fairy Godmother's wand to Nora and being released from the curse, this is no longer a weakness for her.[5]


  • Staff: After giving the Fairy Godmother's wand to Nora, she was released from her curse and regained her normal appearance, along with her staff. It possesses magical capabilities.[5]

Former equipment

  • Fairy Godmother's wand: She used a wand to cast her magic. As soon as she was released from her charge, she lost her wand. She regained it after getting a new host, but she no longer had it since she gave the wand to Nora.[4]
  • Tiara: Tabitha wore a silver tiara on her head. When she was sent to Hell, her tiara fell off.[4]

Alternate timeline equipment

  • Cold gun: In an alternate timeline, Tabitha made a pact with Mick Rory, taking on the role of Captain Cold, complete with his Cold gun, goggles and signature parka. The timeline in which she used the Cold gun was later erased.[1]


DC's Legends of Tomorrow

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Behind the scenes

  • Historically, Fairy Godmother is a character in fairy tales, primarily associated with Cinderella, a fairy with magical powers who acts as a mentor or parent to someone in the role that an actual godparent was expected to play in many societies. In Perrault's Cinderella, he concludes the tale with the cynical moral that no personal advantages will suffice without proper connections.
    • In the DC comics, the Fairy Godmother has made appearances based on her classic fairy tale appearance.
  • Jane Carr previously voiced another Fairy Godmother in the animated series Fairly Odd Parents.