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Table Salt is a high-profile restaurant located in Star City that opened in late 2012. According to Laurel Lance, the restaurant is "ridiculously expensive".[1]


Tommy Merlyn invited Laurel Lance to join him at the grand opening of Table Salt. When they arrived though, Tommy had trouble getting moved ahead on the waiting list. Oliver Queen and Helena Bertinelli arrived as a couple at Table Salt and were quickly moved to the front of the wait list. Helena innocently invited Tommy and Laurel to join them. What followed was reminiscing by the three childhood friends Tommy, Laurel, and Oliver, and awkwardness for Tommy and Helena over Oliver and Laurel's obvious residual feelings for one another.[1]

After Oliver grew suspicious of his mother, Moira, he had John Diggle follow her. However, all Diggle discovered was that, among other things, Moira frequented Table Salt and was particularly fond of their salmon tartare.[2]

In October 2013, Oliver asked his newly-promoted EA Felicity Smoak (a position which she despised) to make reservations for him, Diggle, and the latter's girlfriend Carly at Table Salt for Saturday night. However, the reservation was presumably cancelled upon Oliver finding out that Diggle and Carly broke up.[3]

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