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The tachyon prototype is a device that can send speedsters into the Speed Force.


Barry used the tachyon prototype to try to project himself into the Speed Force.[1]

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When Barry made a plan to erase the creation of the other Forces of Nature, he had Chester P. Runk and Harrison Wells modify the tachyon prototype to collect Force particles. The device harness/holder was temporarily destroyed by Deon Owens, although Chester saves the important part of the device. Barry used it to absorb particles from the other Forces, but he later crushed it, allowing them to live.[2]

Barry later used the device to grant August Heart organic speed in an attempt to unlock Heart's lost memories and stop the Godspeed War.



  • Astral projection into the Speed Force: Speedsters using the tachyon prototype can project their mind into the Speed Force and communicate with it.[1]
  • Force particle absorption: After some modifications, the tachyon prototype can absorb particles from other Forces of Nature.
  • Power bestowal: The device could be used to grant someone an organic connection to the Speed Force.


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