Tag Harris is a resident of Smallville and an friend of Sean Smith.


Tag became a football player for Smallville High School[1] who specialized in receiving. Though his family was among the poorer people of Smallville,[2] Tag made many friends and was invited to a bonfire gathering held by the students.

When Jordan Kent kissed Sarah, Sean's girlfriend, Tag and his friends helped him to beat up Jordan and his brother, Jonathan until the bonfire exploded, startling everyone and breaking Tag's arm.[3]

When the Kents moved to Smallville, Tag and his friends started bullying Jon at school, during his arrival and football practice.[1]

The next day, during football training, Tag asked Jonathan if the new player on the field was his brother Jordan.[4]

Tag started vibrating at different times causing Jonathan to worry. One of those vibrations was strong enough to break Tag's cast. During a party at Corey Wellnitz' lake house to celebrate the football team's latest victory, Tag's vibrations got worse. Jonathan and Jordan followed him into the woods and found him vibrating out of control. Using the ELT device that their dad gave them, Jonathan started calling him. After swiftly defeating Thaddeus Killgrave and the Intergang members present, Superman picked up Tag and took him high enough in the atmosphere to stop the vibrations by depriving him of oxygen. Sam Lane later mentioned that Tag is in the custody of the DoD and suspects that the heat vision that Jordan unleashed during the altercation set off a nearby yellow phosphorescence. He also mentioned that he will be transferred to a special school for people like him.[2]

Tag later ambushed Jordan as he was walking home from the Smallville Harvest Festival and demanded to know what he did to him.[5]


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Powers and abilities


  • Meta-human physiology: Due to the exposure to the yellow phosphorescence, Tag’s DNA was altered, turning him into a meta-human.[2]
    • Vibration/Super strength: Due to the exposure to the yellow phosphorescence that was unleashed the day when Jordan Kent's heat vision manifested, Tag started to develop vibrating powers with one vibration being strong enough to break his cast, a table corner off and punch through a tree.[2]
    • Superhuman speed: While vibrating, Tag can run at superhuman speed.[2]


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