Tagumo was a fictional character created by Ishirō Honda. Tagumo came to life when Ishirō Honda wrote about it in a magical book. The creature interfered with the timeline as it completely destroyed Tokyo. This event caused the Legends to interfere and stop it.


Aberration timeline

In the summer of 1951 in Tokyo, Tagumo came to life when Ishirō Honda wrote about it in a magical book. The monster was spotted by a film crew, and two days later went on to completely destroy Tokyo.[1]

Current timeline

The Legends traveled to Tokyo, seeking to stop it. When Tagumo came after Honda, Sara Lance tried to shrink it. The octopus avoided her attempts and caught her with one of its tentacles. Charlie managed to distract the octopus creature and freed Sara. Sara then managed to shrink it but Tagumo swiftly disappeared through the sewers of Tokyo. When a now-shrunk down Tagumo made a second attempt to take down Ishirō, Mick Rory summoned one of his own characters to fight it, Garima, Queen of Thanzanon. Tagumo had a lengthy back and forth fight against Garima using his tentacles to counter her sword attacks. At one point he was able to trap her sword arm and get her in a stranglehold with his tentacle. However, Garima countered this by switching her sword to her other hand and cutting herself free. Eventually Garima struck a weak spot and heavily injured it, before killing Tagumo by impaling it through the head.[1]

Tabitha later turned Charlie, whom she'd previously forced to assume the appearance of a senator, into Tagumo.[2]


Tagumo was written by Ishirō to be aggressive and destructive, an embodiment of his fears about the bombing of Hiroshima.[1]


  • Animal strength: After Tagumo was shrunk, his raw strength was respectively reduced to the level anticipated from an ordinary creature in his size, though he was still strong enough to pose a certain threat to humans.
  • Honed senses: Tagumo's senses were highly refined. It was able to notice subtle changes in its surroundings.[1]
  • High-level intellect: Despite basically being a large octopus, Tagumo was shown to be intelligent, able to rapidly process information and learn things on the spot. Tagumo seemed to instinctively understand the strategy of the Legends to shrink it and immediately formulated a counter-plan.[1]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Despite relying on its sheer size to destroy the city, Tagumo was shown to be a highly trained hand-to-hand combatant. When confronted by Garima, it used a highly versatile fighting style and surprising agility to counter her swordplay. Using its tentacles, it was able to determine the distance and land accurate strikes. It was able to methodically trap her sword arm and place her in a stranglehold that nearly allowed it to win the duel. However, eventually Garima was able to injure it, causing it to collapse.[1]
  • Expert improvised weapons: Tagumo used several objects in its surroundings as improvised weapons in its final fight.[1]
  • Malleability: As Ishirō Honda explained, like any octopus, it could squeeze through even the smallest holes. This allowed it to traverse through the sewers.[1]

Former abilities

  • Enhanced animal strength: Due to his original massive size, Tagumo was immensely strong, able to devastate entire cities. However, being shrunken severely reduced his raw strength.
  • High-level durability: Due to his original massive size, Tagumo was rather hard to damage. However, being shrunken severely reduced his ability to endure harm.


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